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Uladzimir Kobets, creative director Isobar the US as seen on Naija gist blog, reveals the secrets of the profession and shares his understanding of the work in the creative field. Behind Vladimir 8 years of experience in creative, award prestigious advertising festivals (Cannes Act Tribute, Effie), working with industry leaders such as Unilever, Pepsico the US, Effes the US, Universal Bank, MTS, many social projects, including Marathon “New York weaving “,” pure Zrobimo up the US. ” Vladimir told about who is the creative director and how he came to his profession. Vladimir, what is the creative director? For me, the basis of this position is the word “director”, but not in the classic sense of a manager and leader or musical artist on a blog. 

This is a man who does not give management and direction (from the direction of the English word). He gives a vector of the creative process in the agency. It is not always the responsibility of the creative director only creativity. Often this is a magical synergy and management, and educational, informative, and functional. This is a man who is responsible for everything that needs to be out on the mountain with the slightest manifestation of creativity.

 He is standing on the bridge together with the CEO, Strategic Director, and Business Development Director. I’m more impressed by the old-school creative when it was necessary to tell an interesting story by steep copyright with the ingenious slogan, and then it is all wrapped up in a good direction, a shortmovie on air, clear, succinct. This is a classic creative when the copywriter and art director work together and deliver complete solutions. Now the word “creatives” substantially transformed – this is a strategist and an expert in social media, and a negotiator. Already in 2014, the agency went from the world of classical works pairs copywriter and art director. In this work unit is not a pair, and three – a copywriter, art director, and cod. Term cod entered Google guys everywhere promoting it. Today’s world needs people from technology, and innovation, then their overall result will be much better and cooler. What distinguishes the work of an art director and a creative director? Firstly, this subordination. The creative director supervises a team of art directors. Second, the phrase “creative director” means the first position, and “art director” – the craft. Creative directors have often asked, “Are you from the” artifacts “or” copier “? I’m from art directors, and my tool – is images. But all of these facets is very conditional. It happens that the coolest poster comes up with a copywriter, and the coolest slogan creates the art director. 

Art Director manages all the visual projects, manages the design process and the creative director acts as a supervisor he can approve or return the idea to completion. What looks like your typical day? In the words of Saint-Exupery, we are responsible for those who are tamed. Every day in my life I leaf through the head – for whom today will be the most responsible? This also applies to family and work projects, and my team. Responsibility generates motion vectors: first of all, you should focus on constructive. Somewhere is connected to the conf number to the client as a diplomat. After a few hours, you need to decide on the selection of colors, you’re already included as an art director, and I remember good examples of color codes.

 Sometime later, communicate with colleagues at the status meeting, and then your tone of voice changes, you can say something informal. There’s a diplomat, who fanned the flames and helped sell an idea, then you are a pro here – already a manager. And so all day! Grandiloquent comparisons, but the creative director must have determination and responsibility in every movement: here – “killed”, but here – “gave life”. You have to be a bit of a psychologist. For example, a copywriter, who yesterday wrote all night idea, you say, “Fine, but this pink snot.” Such fidbek team says, but you need to know to whom to address it. If you played a team, the short clear answers, even abrupt ones, save time. How did you come to the profession of a creative director? Once upon a time I very much wanted this. I remember that day, just remember his smell. I was a second-year student, who recently arrived at Cherkasy National University as an engineer-programmer specialty. 

Were excellent teachers, and good friends, but after a while, I realized that it is not high from the numbers and buzz from the images. And then one night in the hostel, when was bought my first computer in his life, I opened not Delphi (programming language), and Photoshop 3.0. I went to the couple learned, was a diligent student, but parallel sawed feykovye portfolio. There were these firms, these beauty salons “Ruslan”, “Lyudmila” … There were these stores “Petrel”! I invented them myself, and then painted logos and posters. These works can now be hung in a frame and laugh just insane!


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