Ecommerce is now widespread and online purchases are very frequent not only on giants such as Amazon and EBay , but also on small digital shops hosted directly on domains or subdomains of more limited brands.

Virtually any company can now offer its products directly to its digital audience, and can do so by creating virtual stores that are pleasant to browse and perform from the point of view of functionality and safety.

But what are the most used platforms , or at least the best known?

In this handy article, we offer you a roundup of the most popular in terms of use and benefits , in no particular order.

WooCommerce, the e-commerce signed by WordPress 

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WooCommerce is quite well known and appreciated for its ease of use and the wide possibility of customization. It is not a platform, but a plugin specially developed for the well-known CMS WordPress , and is particularly suitable for companies with limited business volumes , which may decide to explore the option of online sales for the first time.

The particularly intuitive interface of WooCommerce is certainly a plus to be taken into consideration, especially for those who want to have some autonomy in managing their online store or want to approach this digital technology without fear of making a mistake.

Prestashop, versatile virtual stores even for medium-high business volumes 

Prestashop has currently earned a position of honor among Italian ecommerce and, not surprisingly, it is one of the most used platforms for online sales. This is an open source solution that is particularly recommended if the online store has a rather large sales margin .

Being a freely modifiable project, Prestashop is constantly subjected to updates but despite this it is rather intuitive at the interface level. The strong point that makes it very welcome is the simple and immediate checkout form combined with the speed of loading of the front-end.

Magento, ideal for brands with high volumes of ecommerce 

Magento is the favorite ecommerce platform of those brands that know they have to manage large volumes of online sales and, not surprisingly, is considered among the most complete CMS in the sector. Less intuitive than the previous ones and certainly more expensive, it has lost a little pace compared to competing platforms but is still the most suitable if the business volumes are considerable.

In particular, it should always be considered as the first choice if the product catalog for ecommerce is very large or if the solidity and security of the platform are considered as core values . It is no coincidence that Magento is the choice of the most important and famous brands for ecommerce.

BigCommerce. Password: versatility 

Less known but no less used, Big Commerce is the ecommerce platform that makes transversality its main strength. It is in fact excellent both for companies with small volumes of business and for large realities.

The main benefits of choosing BigCommerce for your online store include advanced security solutions, partnerships in order fulfillment, simplicity of payment processes, customizable checkout modules and a great integration with the main ecommerce apps. All this, combined with the always welcome intuitiveness of the interface .

Shopify: fast and intuitive ecommerce 

Globally , Shopify is by far the most used ecommerce platform , although it is not yet particularly well known in Italy.

However, it is likely that this trend is destined to change, because it is a solution that brings with it an important series of advantages : from the immediacy of the setup to the intuitiveness of the back-end, which makes it suitable even for beginners, from variety of features available to ease of use. All this, combined with a great variety of ready-to-use templates and guaranteed assistance 24 hours a day .

The most used ecommerce in the world and in Italy: the ranking 

Finally, we conclude by offering you the ranking of the ecommerce platforms currently most used worldwide .

Naturally, these are trends that may change over time and with the birth of new competitors, or with the addition of new features on this or that platform, but which in any case offer an interesting overview of the current situation:

  • Shopify : 41%
  • Magento : 31%
  • Prestashop : 17%

On the other hand, the ranking relative to Italy is a little different:

  • Prestashop : 51%
  • Magento : 31%
  • Shopify : 9%

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