How to Find the Best Free Interior Design Courses Online

If you are looking for a way to enhance your interior designing skills, you might want to take some free interior design courses online. These courses can range from half an hour to fifteen hours, and can include everything from decorating an interior to choosing a color palette. They also feature peer interaction and discussion forums. What’s more, they are concise and include proper demonstrations of each step.


If you’d like to learn how to design an interior space, you can take a free course offered by Skillshare. The courses cover everything from the fundamentals of interior design to the tools you’ll need to create a stunning space. You can learn 3D modeling and technical drawing as well as how to use color and lighting in your designs. You can also learn from fellow students, who can share their knowledge and experience.

You can search for courses by topic or creator, and follow those who are experienced in the topic. Once you’re ready, you can sign up for a free seven-day trial. After the trial, you’ll be charged $165 annually, but you can cancel anytime.

Holos Architecture + Design

Taking an interior design course is an excellent way to learn about the ins and outs of the industry. These courses typically cover everything from project planning to communicating with clients. They also cover important topics like colors and textures, space planning, and how to make a room more functional. Moreover, you’ll learn about the various themes and styles of furniture and how to source them.

If you’re looking to learn about interior design without investing thousands of dollars, there are several free online courses available. One of these is offered by Holos Architecture + Design on the Udemy platform. The course is geared towards beginners and includes 9 hours of video presentations that can teach you the fundamentals of home design. It also includes hands-on projects and experience with design tools. It’s also very interactive and allows you to collaborate with other students.


The HGTV website offers a variety of courses, including Design 101. The course is a great way to get a basic understanding of interior design concepts. It also includes recommended articles, videos, slideshows, and more. The photo inspiration tab can be a great source of ideas, too. These free online interior design courses are an excellent way to get inspired and learn about new design trends.

HGTV also has an interactive game that lets you play the role of an armchair interior designer and fill a virtual room with trendy furnishings. It’s an excellent way to practice new design techniques, and it’s even a great way to compete with other design enthusiasts for prizes.

Home Design Institute

Home Design Institute is a popular online learning resource for those who want to improve their interior design skills. You can take free courses on interior design, architecture, and related categories. Many of the courses are very informative and include useful information for interior designers. Some courses even offer lifetime updates. To help you decide which course to take, check out Home Design Institute’s courses section.

The free interior design courses on Home Design Institute cover basic concepts in the field. They include how to plan a project, client communication, the use of color and light, space and balance, and more. Generally, these courses last just six to ten hours and are good introductions to more complex courses. If you’re new to the field, these free courses are the perfect place to start. Be aware, however, that some courses include affiliate links to products that can help you learn more about interior design.


If you are a beginner to the interior design industry, you may be interested in learning the skills and knowledge needed to get started. LinkedIn offers a number of free courses geared toward interior designers and other creative professionals. These courses are divided into three levels, and most are short in duration. Popular courses include SketchUp for Interior Design and Revit for Interior Architecture. You can also learn to design your ultimate man-cave in SketchUp using the site.

If you’re a beginner and looking for a quick start to your interior design career, LinkedIn offers a free 7-day course. This course covers a number of practical interior design issues, including project planning, client communication, and working with colour and surface materials. The course also features an assessment to assess your skills.


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