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In Genshin Impact, there is a large number of NPCs, but there are always a few special ones that leave a lasting impression on players. Among them, the most memorable character is Liben. Let’s take a closer look at Liben.

Teyvat’s First Philanthropist: Liben

Liben is a Liyue merchant who travels between the seven nations of Teyvat. He first appeared in the Liyue Harbor and frequently conducts business trips between Inazuma, making occasional appearances in Mondstadt.

Liben is very generous, even though the business of “Marvelous Merchandise” is not profitable, he insists on continuing. There are many things that can be bought at a lower price from others, but Liben simply won’t do that. It’s evident how good Liben is to us.

Marvelous Merchandise Event

Event Profile

During the Marvelous Merchandise event, which typically lasts for seven days, players can obtain a total of 380 Primogems, as well as various Mora, experience books, and ores (40*7+100=380 Primogems). Each day, players can exchange common materials with Marjorie for one box. There are a total of seven types of boxes, ranked by cost-effectiveness as follows: Cryo > Hydro > Pyro > Electro ≈ Dendro > Anemo > Geo. When exchanging for Marvelous Merchandise boxes, there’s an important rule: after exchanging for five boxes, players can receive an additional Marvelous Merchandise Big Box, which grants rewards like 100 Primogems. Don’t forget to claim it! If you’re a fan of Marjorie and want boxes like hers, you can purchase Slime Box O’ Marvel Storage Stool. They serve as both storage boxes and seats, making them practical and cute.

Event Tips

During the event, we can find a merchant named Liben near the gates of Mondstadt. After chatting with him, he’ll chirp away, and then if we provide him with the corresponding materials as he requests, we can unlock a magical “box” and receive generous rewards such as Primogems.

There are a total of seven boxes, each corresponding to one of the seven elements, representing seven different slime characters. This winter, you can accompany slimes, including the Dendro Slime Music Humidifier, bringing moisture and music to your dry winter days, making every day happier. Travelers can take these slimes home with them.

In each box, there are different rewards. The boxes are random and refresh daily. Additionally, the types of boxes may vary depending on the progress of different players’ games. Travelers can exchange boxes in other players’ worlds, but only once per day, and the exchange count cannot be accumulated. Next, let me introduce the seven types of boxes:

Cryo Box: 40 Primogems + 60,000 Mora. Mora is still very precious; it takes 20 Resin to claim the rewards.

Hydro Box: 40 Primogems + 20,000 Mora + 2 Purple Experience Books. It costs around 19.7 Resin.

Dendro Box: 40 Primogems + 9 Green Talent Books from Liyue. Similar to the Lightning Box in terms of cost, it requires around 18 Resin.

Anemo Box: 40 Primogems + 20,000 Mora + 8 Magic Crystals. It costs around 6.7 Resin.

Pyro Box: 40 Primogems + 6 Purple Experience Books. Each Ley Line Outcrop costs 20 Resin and yields approximately 4-5 Purple Books, 6-7 Blue Books, with a total value of around 19.6 Resin.

Electro Box: 40 Primogems + 9 Green Talent Books from Mondstadt. It guarantees 8 Green Books for 20 Resin, and with good luck, you can get Golden Books. Approximately 18 Resin.

Geo Box: 40 Primogems + 10 Fine Ore + 10 Magic Crystal. Ores can be obtained by mining. For players who don’t lack ores, the cost is approximately 0 Resin with 10 Fine Ore + 10 Magic Crystal.

The Marvelous Merchandise event brings more social interaction and reward possibilities to the adventurers of Genshin Impact. By fulfilling the requests of the merchant Liben, carefully selecting the daily Marvelous Merchandise, and making good use of the communication mechanism, you will receive generous rewards in this fantastic adventure.


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