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Despite the inconvenience of losing your car key, the good news is that it can be easily replaced if you have a spare. Most car key replacement services do not require the original key. This means that you can save money on the replacement process by having a spare. To save even more money, you can replace your car key online.


If you lost your car key, there are several options to replace it at a low cost. For example, AutoZone can program a transponder key that works with most vehicles. These keys contain a security code and a computer chip. The correct code will start the car. Transponder keys are an excellent option to protect your vehicle and keep thieves out of your garage.

If you have lost your key fob, the best option is to go to an AutoZone near you. The store carries a huge selection of transponder keys and can help you identify the right one for your vehicle. Most keys look similar, so it’s important to identify the correct one. The associate will then program it to your vehicle. This service is much more affordable than a trip to the dealership.

American Lock & Key

American Lock & Key specializes in car key replacement for a variety of types of vehicles. Whether you need a basic key that works only in older vehicles or a microchip key for a newer model, you’re sure to find one at American Lock & Key. These technicians also specialize in ignition switch problems and cylinder rekeys.

American Lock & Key is a veteran-owned business that has been providing high-quality locksmith services since 2001. Its owner is a former Navy veteran with over 21 years of experience as a locksmith. He has worked in the industry throughout his naval career and has been President of the Michigan Locksmith Security Association for two years.


AutoZone has a large selection of car keys for most models. They also offer transponder keys and can duplicate them quickly and efficiently. Transponder keys contain a security code and computer chip to keep your car from being stolen. If you lose your key, you can use the code to start your car, and you can easily get a new one without an appointment.

Transponder keys are used in almost 70 percent of vehicles today, which means that your car is likely to have this type of key. Dealerships can charge you hundreds of dollars for a replacement key, but you can get a replacement for a fraction of the cost at AutoZone.

Discount car key replacements online

If you’re in need of a replacement car key, there are a few different options to choose from. Many of these products come with special features, including chip-keys. These keys are programmed and contain a tiny chip that works to communicate with the car’s security system. Upon insertion, the key will transmit a signal to the car to stop it from starting, preventing theft. However, some of these products don’t work as well as they should, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for a replacement car key online.

Another option is to purchase a new key fob from a dealer. This method is best for cars manufactured in the past five years. Dealers have special equipment for programming these keys, and they’re likely to be able to cut a key that matches the original. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money at the dealership, you can also purchase an aftermarket key from a hardware store. You may even find videos online that show you how to replace a key fob.

Automotive locksmiths

If you’ve ever locked your keys inside your car, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, automotive locksmiths can help. These professionals have the tools and experience to work on any make or model of vehicle. When you’re locked out, the last thing you want is to spend the next couple of hours looking for a replacement key. Automotive locksmiths make and program car keys, and they can also replace broken car keys. Some auto locksmiths also upgrade door locks for greater security. They can even program new car keys using the VIN number of the vehicle.


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