Keeping your vacation company running can be difficult with the competition. Tourists are still looking to arrange vacations for social separation.
Keeping your vacation company running can be difficult with the competition. Tourists are still looking to arrange vacations for social separation.

Keeping your vacation company running can be difficult with the competition. Tourists are still looking to arrange vacations for social separation. After all, domestic travel has accounted for around 71% of total tourist expenditure in recent years.

Not sure how to reach out to domestic travelers? Follow these methods to get full occupancy with domestic guests.

What Exactly Are Domestic Travelers?

Domestic travelers are visitors who travel between cities in the same nation. For example, if your vacation property is in Miami, visitors from New York are considered domestic travelers. These people do not go overseas or across borders; instead, they visit various cities, regions, and states inside their nation, including the one where your rental is situated.

How Can I Reach Out to Domestic Travelers?

To target national visitors, you must adjust and modify your marketing plan across all your online tools, including your vacation rental website, your listings on OTAs, and social media.

We’ve put up some pointers to help you get there; follow our recommendations below:

1. Rethink your minimum stay policy.

Domestic travelers may choose a shorter journey than other travelers since they just need to go away for a weekend or a few days. Consider altering your vacation rental’s minimum stay policy to 7 days for the time being. Remember that this is just a temporary situation that will allow you to fill in the gaps.

Local visitors will be more willing to reserve your rental if they know they are not required to pay for the whole week.

2. Get in touch with your local visitor center

When planning a vacation, many people go online to local tourist boards and travel firms to acquire suggestions for things to do in the locations they wish to visit. If you contact your tourist board and tell them you’d like to collaborate, these prospective consumers may come across your hotel and book it immediately.

Furthermore, reserving a rental via an established tourist board will make these visitors feel more assured and at rest. They know they’ll be in excellent hands with their suggestions since they trust the official tourist center.

3. Modify Your Prices

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the worldwide economy since many firms have temporarily shuttered, and airline companies have experienced a decrease in flights.

Despite the drop in travel, some tourists may still choose to visit a different city or area. On the other hand, domestic visitors aren’t searching for a luxurious holiday overseas but rather something reasonably close. Local tourists may also seek a last-minute place or take advantage of a good price.

It’s a good time to raise your prices to attract domestic customers and fill any gaps left by cancellations and lack of travel. To automate price and stay limitations, consider utilizing dynamic pricing solutions like Pricelabs.

4. Improve Your Listing Content and Website

Travelers seeking lodging will use Google to find precisely what they want. As a result, ensure that your website has all the more specific keywords to your location. “Things to do in (city name)” or “vacation rentals near me,” for example.

You may use all of these keywords in blog entries about your locality. In reality, “things to do in the vicinity” is a highly effective blog that has produced a lot of leads. Create a comprehensive list of areas of interest, activities, restaurants, and stores, and then create material detailing each one: opening hours, pricing ranges, experience, and so on. Since travelers read your information on your website, they may end up booking it, as they are still browsing and may not have booked lodging yet.

In addition to optimizing your website, remember to post all of your material on social media; anybody who sees it will be referred back to your website, providing you the possibility for further bookings.

5. Highlight Your Services and Amenities

Your rental may include features visitors do not have in their homes, so now is the time to mention everything that your guests would find fascinating and what will entice them to stay there.

Let them have an unforgettable staycation by watching a movie on your home theatre system, playing fun board games, cooking popcorn or sugar floss, or relaxing in the hot tub or swimming pool.

Furthermore, having a Netflix membership boosts your chances of earning more reservations since visitors are attracted to listings that feature Netflix. Inform your visitors that they will be unable to watch their favorite TV program if they stay at your property.

6. Encourage a staycation or weekend getaway.

Staycations are growing more popular, with more than 53% of Americans have had one. Advertise your staycation vacation rental by offering soothing goodies like bubble tubs, chocolates, and even a glass of wine! Please inform visitors that your home and facilities have been completely cleansed and sanitized.

Allow your visitors to relax and appreciate all your property has to offer. Don’t forget to include all of the other necessities.

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You may also encourage a calm and serene break for those tourists who wish to escape the city or commotion. Use your vacation rental’s peaceful location to your advantage! Advertise a calm and restful experience, for example, if your rental is a lodge in the woods, a little cottage, or a glamping business.

Because words strongly influence you, you should help your visitors imagine a staycation or holiday. Get creative with your content and optimize it throughout your OTA listings and website.

7. Consider allowing pets.

With over 85 million pet owners in the United States, millions of these individuals travel with their dogs. Pets give protection and comfort to humans, and many visitors feel awful about leaving their furry pets in boarding kennels.

Because most domestic passengers will be driving, their beloved dogs may simply travel with them in their vehicle. Domestic visitors should be encouraged to stay at your rental with their dogs! You’ll be able to reach a far larger audience as a host. Furthermore, you will increase your revenues by increasing reservations and charging a pet charge.

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