Google Maps is not only a useful online mapping service, but it is also a business directory that currently represents (according to various estimates) 200-500 million businesses worldwide. The website also has social features. The company has a sophisticated system for issuing ratings and reviews.

Attracting a person from Google Maps is one of the most effective ways to find prospects especially for his b2b segment.

Google Maps Extractor is one of the new features in Justautomated Email Studio. This program allows you to quickly and easily extract email addresses, phone numbers, names, addresses, categories and other information from Google Maps business cards. Search is based on keywords and location and is fully automated. Contacts found can be exported or verified with Email Verifier.


Works in all countries

Justautomated Google Maps Extractor is country and language independent. Specify the location and keywords in your language – the results are always great.

Automatic mode without browser

Justautomated doesn’t require you to open tabs or navigate between pages. This process is fully automated.

Unlimited keywords and locations

Unlike other programs, you can specify multiple keywords and locations at once. Additionally, we are not charged for every email address or phone number found. You only pay once.

Multithreaded mode

Justautomated works fast in multithreaded mode

Proxy support

If you browse Google Maps regularly, you’ll need a proxy server to protect yourself from bans.

Export to Excel

Results can be saved as CSV / TXT files or exported to Microsoft Excel / Open Office Calc.

All-in-one vehicle

Only Justautomated instantly verifies the existence of found email addresses with its built-in email checker, allowing you to start a newsletter from the email sender.

How to use email and phone extractors in Google Maps?

1. Launch Justautomated and navigate to Google Maps Extractor.

2. Enter keywords in the left field (restaurants, construction companies, car repairs, etc.). Enter your location in the appropriate field (for example, New York, Canada).

A location can be the name of a country, city, district, street, etc. (The Justautomated request to Google Maps looks like “location keywords”).

Here’s how the Justautomated Gmap Data Extractor works: The program accesses Google Maps and loads the list of companies found in the previous query. The program extracts names, phone numbers, addresses, and categories. Justautomated then goes to the sites specified in your company profile to look up email addresses and other contacts.

You can choose one of three operating modes:

Fast: The program will only download the homepage of your business profile on Google Maps. In this case, if the email address is posted on an internal page, it will not be found.

Slow: The program scans the homepage and the pages that the homepage links to (1 level). For example, to access the “Contacts” page and extract email addresses, this is usually sufficient. By the way, Justautomated is a very smart tool. Program, Communication, Review, Support, etc. know how to download pages with first in the filename.


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