Healthy drinks for diabetes

Living with diabetes can be difficult as the need to control blood sugar is higher and urgent than ever. Failing to maintain healthy level blood sugar as recommended by doctors may result in worsening of the disease progression. Complications such as heart and blood (cardiovascular) vessel disease, nerve problems such as with neuropathy, eye disorders and kidney failure may happen to a person unable to control diabetes. These complications can be devastating and can be life threatening. Hence, it is important for patients to make sure they can control their diabetes by following doctor advice, adhering to their medications and practising healthy lifestyles.

            Practising healthy lifestyles consists of an active lifestyle such as exercise and having a healthy balanced meal. We will be focusing on healthy drinks for diabetes since drinks are much easier and more convenient for these patients to consume on a daily basis. Do you know that almost 70% of the human body is made up of water? Thus, it is important for a person to keep themselves hydrated in order for the body to maintain the functions and keep the body system stable. Since people with diabetes need to watch out for sugar content in their daily meal including drinks, it can be difficult to know what drinks are healthy and suitable for them. Fret not, here are examples of healthy drinks for diabetes:

1-  Water. Pretty obvious water is the best source of hydration. Yes, water can be quite boring because of the plain taste but you can amp it up by making it flavourful by adding a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon juice. You can also add mint leaves or slices of cucumber. Place some ice cubes and you already get yourself a refreshing drink.

2-  Apple juice. The old generation surely does not mess around with this fruit, just like the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Aside from high vitamin C contents, it is low in glycaemic index which makes it suitable for patients with diabetes to manage the blood sugar level. Remember to not strain the juice as you may be missing out of the fibre content from the pulp and the skin.

3-  Tea. Tea contains high antioxidants and surely gives some mind some clarity after a long day of stressful life. The antioxidant helps with blood sugar and improves insulin resistance. Choose herbal tea or chamomile tea as it is usually caffeine-free. Remember to take it plain and not add in sugar. Adding slices of lemon helps to freshen up the tea and give it a unique taste.

4-  Blueberries juice. Blueberries are high in vitamin C and antioxidants. It also helps a person to feel full and good for diet management. A study shows that this berry helps to improve insulin sensitivity among those with overweight. Take a half cup of fresh blueberries or frozen blueberries and mix them with plain yoghurt or Greek yoghurt to make yourself a delicious smoothie. You can also make it a plain juice just by blending these berries without adding sugar.

5-  Green juice. We all know green vegetables contain high minerals and fibres which helps the body to stay healthy. There are many recipes for green juice and it can be quite overwhelming to choose what green to choose. Kale and spinach should be a must if you are planning for green juice. Green juice can taste quite bitter and probably “off” to some people. Consider adding in fruits like oranges and apples to help mask the taste.

      It is understandable that most healthy drinks in the market are much more accessible and save time. However, people with diabetes need to be aware of the sugar content by reading labels and best to make it by themselves.



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