Our skin and body react with age. That is why different skin treatment methods like cosmetic and plastic surgery are on a hike. People were not into such procedures in the past. However, the increasing trend of enhancing features and taking surgeries for treating skin-related problems has encouraged many people to try it. Similarly, the experts come with different surgeries to treat problems far better than before to engage clients because people of today love investing in their skin.

MORPHEUS 8 PRO is a skin treatment to get rid of sagging in the skin and on the lower body like the abdomen, back, and knees.  The procedure uses radiofrequency technology and non-invasive micro-needling to treat the sagginess and remove creases and lines to make you look fresher and more youthful. The best part is that it is painless and you can see the considerable difference after only one sitting.

How does it work?

The main purpose of the procedure is to produce collagen and elasticity in the skin which plays a prime role in achieving youthful skin.  It works by forming small punctures on the skin with the help of a tiny needle which produces collagen instantly. As a result, the skin looks nice and tight which is a sign of accomplishment.

This treatment is not restricted to skin tightening but helps fade away stretch marks, treat scars, and diminish pigmentation, dark circles, and the list goes on. It can help treat your upper and under-eye areas as well. If you are interested, consult the expert to get the best guidance and rounds you will need to see the best results.  

Is it the same as micro-needling?

MORPHEUS 8 PRO is the combination of two proven kin treatments which are radiofrequency treatment and micro-needling. That is why this treatment guarantees better results. To have a better idea, micro-needling targets the depth of i.5 to 2 millimeters of your skin. Whereas, Morpheus 8 pro gets 0.5 to 8 millimeters down the skin. Thus, it gives better results. In addition, this method targets the overall skin in one treatment including the delicate eye area and the tough layer of the neck area.

Is it suitable for everyone?

Everyone with any skin type can get the treatment to achieve fresh and flawless skin. No matter whether you have oily, textured, combination, dry, or sensitive skin, everyone can get the advantage of it. However, there are some exceptions. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are not good candidates for this treatment. Similarly, people with any electronic device implantation, open wound in the treatment areas, or people having conditions like herpes simplex in the treatment area should not get the treatment.

Another point to heed is that this treatment can show side effects to some patients but they are temporary and minimal. Everything takes time to settle in. After that, you can enjoy youthful and brand-new skin.

Benefits of getting the treatment

With the help of MORPHEUS 8 PRO, you can lift your facial skin or from any part of the body without plastic surgery in Dubai and other global metropolises today. Below are the benefits of this treatment.

1.   High collagen production

Collagen is the main ingredient that produces elasticity and makes your skin newer, fresher, and scar-free. However, after the age of 20, your skin produces 1% less collagen every year. Morpheus8 increases collagen production, which promises fuller, firmer, and youthful skin.

2.   Treat wrinkles and fine lines

Your skin gets wrinkles as a sign of aging which can make you look dull. In some cases, people get wrinkles at a younger age due to various reasons which make them look older. This treatment proves to be the best for treating aging around the mouth, forehead, and eye area.

3.   Diminish acne scars

Every other person including both genders is facing acne problems. It may appear for a limited time but the scars remain there. Morpheus8 pro is highly effective for treating acne scars. As excessive skin oil is the main reason for acne, this treatment shrinks down the oil glands which reduces oil production. It also helps reduce acne scars and smooth out the skin.

4.   Treat stretch marks

The problem of stretch marks is common in both men and women mainly on the abdominal area, thighs, and breasts. This treatment can help eliminate stretch marks.

The Takeaway

Morpheus 8 Pro promises flawlessly smooth and clear skin for all skin types which is like a dream comes true for both men and women. Keep in mind to prefer experienced and licensed clinics which you can trust for skin-related concerns.


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