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Part of my method is prosecuting foreclosure cases. Given, I would not call it an emphasis of my method, however I would claim that I have a fair amount of involvement with such cases at any type of offered time. In some cases individuals preserve my workplace for their repossession from the start, while others concern my workplace for their separation issue or their estate matter or something similar and also through that job we find an impending foreclosure issue which needs to be resolved.

I am not going to blog about the numerous disagreements, methods, as well as problems which one may experience during a repossession matter. Instead, I want to focus on one specific aspect: the apparently duplicitous technique taken by Home Reverse Mortgages business with their customers. Audio opprobrious? Well, to me it is.

Here is what occurs: something substantial occurs in a mortgage consumers’ life which creates him to be incapable to pay the home mortgage settlements for whatever factor. The home mortgage business, normally, strategies this consumer and notifies him of his repayment misbehavior. Eventually, if no solution is reached, the home loan firm will certainly file suit versus the borrower in court for foreclosure, and it is below where the duplicity raises its head.

I am basing my thoughts here on actually lots of foreclosure situations which have crossed my workdesk over my of exercising legislation. I have seen this situation play out time and time again with many unsuspecting customers who are acting in good faith.

Here is what happens: the debtor is sued in foreclosure. If the customer was not vigilant before in attempting solution the problem, having the local sheriff knock on his door as well as hand him documents stating that he is being taken legal action against to take his home away will almost always make him take notice and seek a treatment. The debtor then get in touches with the mortgage firm and also involves some type of “loss reduction” workplace. Once that contact is made, the customer and also home loan business talk about different possible options to resolve the repossession case, whether that be reorganizing the financing, or checking into an action in lieu of repossession, or considering a brief sale, or checking into a repay, or checking into placing the house up for sale, or any number of other options. During this moment, the Reverse Mortgage Lender company representative with which the debtor interacts offers assurances that they will do their finest to function this matter out and explore all of the feasible options and so on, and that they will certainly require a little time to assess the records exchanged in pursuit of these options.


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