Welcome, and thank you for coming by. I am Psychic Athena, and I am a card peruser and rootworker situated in New England.

Whatever deterrents, disappointments, or unanswered cravings you are looking for in your life, I can assist with engaging your way ahead to the satisfaction, bliss, and achievement you merit.

I was acquainted with the otherworldly expressions very early on by my maternal grandma, a talented “healer” in the Mediterranean practice. She was frequently called upon to scrub individuals in our neighborhood local area who were burdened by the hostile stare and other profound illnesses. She perceived that I had this gift in me, and showed me different purging supplications and ceremonies that are to a great extent kept secret and went exclusively through family bloodlines. At the point when I was mature enough to assume the liability, I proceeded to perform a considerable lot of these rituals all alone.

Accordingly was conceived my energy for the enchanted that encompasses us, and I started my long-lasting quest for its training.

My process in the long run drove me to the African-American act of hoodoo or summon. Hoodoo felt in a flash right and recognizable to me, as there are numerous likenesses between the training and customs of hoodoo and Mediterranean people’s enchantment. I’m an alum of Catherine Yronwode’s vivid Hoodoo Rootwork Correspondence Course as well as a Moderator and Board Administrator at the Lucky Mojo Forum, where individuals post from one side of the planet to the other to get free data and replies to their inquiries regarding rootwork.

I’m likewise a confirmed expert of feng shui, the old Chinese specialty of geomancy that empowers us to live as one with our environmental factors.

My clients come to me for help through card readings, rootwork, and otherworldly instructing. As a peruser, Psychic Athena utilize the Lenormand arrangement of cartomancy, as well as conventional tarot cards, and the Greco-Turkish deck of Dette. I likewise utilize other divination devices, including pendulums, to assist clients with acquiring a superior comprehension of their circumstances and the way ahead.

I’m likewise clairaudient, and that implies my soul guides will frequently address me in a way that I can obviously hear, to give extra data and direction to a perusing.

I offer many spells and rootwork that I can either help you in working independently or I can perform for your benefit. This incorporates candle wizardry spells and setting lights, in which I will decipher the candle fire and wax remains and give you a nitty gritty report of signs connected with your circumstance. I likewise hand-make doll children, compartment spells, and magic hands to one or the other attractions the positive things you want or repulse any cynicism that is alarming you, whether from others or profound energy.

I can help you with issues of tracking down new love, compromise, thriving, achievement, uncrossing, profound assurance, street opening, and individual authority. I will take care of business expected to revile or cross up people or connections, or sanction retribution on an adversary, but I should be soul driven through divination to believe that the objective is legitimate before I can consent to accomplish this work for you.


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