The hoverboard is a means of transport created for purely recreational purposes . Originally intended for children, today it is also suitable for slightly older people and adults . It is a means that essentially consists of a single platform, so it does not have a handlebar and can only be used standing up. This particular way of driving makes it sometimes a bit dangerous, but also uncomfortable.

Today there is a simple accessory to be mounted on the hoverboard to be able to completely transform it and thus make it more captivating. This accessory is none other than the seat , which can be attached to the hoverboard, thus transforming it into a go kart . So let’s see what are the characteristics of hoverboards with child seat and how the use of the hoverboard changes with its addition.

Hoverboard e hoverkart

The car seat is an accessory that is easily available today and that does not have too high a price. The seat is simply attached to your hoverboard, thus transforming it into a go-kart. Assembling the seat on the hoverboard is very simple, thanks to the instructions contained in a special booklet that usually comes with the seat itself. The purchase kit that includes the hoverboard seat also consists of the body of the kart equipped with a third wheel and two levers for maneuvering the go-kart . As you can also read on the Choosing Hoverboard website, inside the kit there are also shock absorbing supports for the wheels and two adjustable footrests based on the height of the hoverboard driver.

There are also special fixing bands, as well as special very small keys that are used to tighten screws and bolts when they start to loosen. The addition of the seat and all the kit provided for the kart allows the hoverboard to be transformed into a three-wheeled vehicle, precisely called a hoverkart. In this case, the hoverboard will therefore be more stable and more fun to use. It will not be driven with a circular handlebar, as is the case with classic go-karts, but with the use of two side levers. The hoverkart is also much safer than the hoverboard, being precisely a vehicle that moves on 3 wheels, which makes it practically almost impossible for the driver to fall.

For whom the hoverkart seat is recommended

The seat that allows you to transform the hoverboard into a hoverkart is suitable for both the little ones and even for older people. It is equipped with an adjustable footrest in length, so it adapts to drivers of different heights, and is able to support quite heavy weights, up to 100 or 120 kg maximum. This guide can help you learn more about how seat-equipped hoverboards work .

The use of the hoverkart, i.e. the seat applied to the hoverboard, is not recommended for children under the age of 6. The hoverkart also cannot be used on the street. Unlike the hoverboard, it is also prohibited in cities that have joined electric micro-mobility programs and often cities only allow its use in upright mode, i.e. standing up, without a child seat.


Today on the net it is possible to find various YouTube videos and tutorials concerning completely do-it-yourself hoverkart construction methods . In this case we naturally refer to the equipment to be mounted on the hoverboard itself. Unless you are an expert in this field, do-it-yourself hoverkart is usually not recommended for essentially two reasons:

On the market you can find excellent kits at decidedly acceptable prices , so it is not necessary to go as far as making a hoverkart directly with your own hands;
Secondly, having to buy the necessary material to which are added the several hours of work necessary for the correct assembly, the convenience could be lost .
We must also consider the fact that the kits with seat on the market also allow you to enjoy a greater level of safety, as they have been subjected to special quality controls and certifications required for sale.

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