Mobile communication is a necessity these days, and mobile phones have become an integral part of modern man. Companies also use mobile communication to promote products through mass text messages.

We have defined text message advertising as the advertising of a brand, product or service through mobile phones by sending mass text messages. Businesses send text messages to inform customers about offers, discounts and updates.

In this article, we explain how mass texting can help increase branded SMS awareness and build trusting relationships with target audiences. When working with brand awareness, the first step is to assess the general brand awareness of the target group.

Evaluation of brand awareness

Mood has three levels:

  • Confession in song. The consumer recognizes the brand, logo, packaging, etc. in sight.
  • Self-awareness The consumer remembers the brand by listing companies that manufacture goods belonging to a certain category.
  • Unforgettable. It is the first brand that comes to mind when a consumer mentions a product category.

One way to analyze brand awareness is to survey consumers: find out which brands they think of when they hear the name of a product category and if they recognize your brand without being asked.

Other ways to learn to recognize a brand? Google services such as Google Alerts and Google Trends allow you to see if there are more brand ads and searches associated with a brand. The Viral Checker tool allows you to get social metrics and determine the level of customer interaction.

Common methods for increasing brand awareness;

The company’s high brand recognition and loyalty is achieved by promoting the product on the market. Product advertising gives the consumer the opportunity to communicate with the company’s products and services. The more targeted the contact with the product is, the higher the quality of the contact (correct duration, place and time) and the faster the brand awareness grows.

To build brand awareness, you should use all available means: direct mail, BTL, store marketing campaigns, product presentation and of course product packaging.

We offer a simple plan to educate and increase brand awareness in the marketplace. Each step of the model described below is a separate advertising campaign for the product. Sometimes it takes the same ad campaigns to pass one stage.

  • Grab the target group’s attention, arouse interest.
  • Create a strong connection between the product and the product group where the product is sold
  • State the needs of the target audience that the product can solve and why it could solve them better than others
  • Make an associative link to the correct images and create the desired image of the product
  • Continuous confirmation of information about the decisive competitive advantage of the product

It is not possible to present all these steps in one advertising message, it is a long process (at least 2-3 years). But by systematically implementing all measures, you can increase the company’s brand awareness in the market and strengthen the knowledge you have acquired in the long term.

Advantages of SMS advertising;

  • High commitment. On average, people check their cell phones 80 times a day. As a result, sending campaigns via SMS has a high open rate. With the help of text messages, companies effectively offer relevant offers and thus increase brand awareness.
  • Reach an audience around the world. SMS services send messages to all countries in the world. With 5 billion people using mobile communication, SMS advertising plays an important role in marketing strategy.
  • Open opportunities for local businesses. Marketers can target SMS ads geographically; This makes the SMS campaign an effective advertising tool. Texting allows local businesses to send limited-time offers to potential customers at any time.
  • Easy to install. Take our SMS Smart online service, it only takes a few minutes to create and send SMS campaigns.
  • It works effectively with other channels. Text message advertising works best in connection with email marketing SMS and web push notifications. Marketers often use promotional text messages as an attachment to their email campaigns. For example, if the email is not opened, a text message is sent to the customer’s mobile phone.

What are some general tips for increasing brand awareness with SMS marketing?

  • Be consistent: use the same sender ID (preferably company name) as the text message sender, use your company name in the text message signature to create a still image of your brand.
  • Give your customers something of value, whether it’s great content or great customer service.
  • Engage your audience through different marketing channels (e.g. text messages, email, Facebook ads, Google Ads) that best suit your business.


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