How Can You Speed Up Joomla Websites?

After WordPress, Joomla is the most popular content management system. It is also free of cost and simpler than WordPress, which is why many newbies opt for it for their first site. Joomla also allows access to various templates, extensions, plugins, and add-on services to help users design interactive and functional sites.

However, all your effort and hard work can go in vain if the site speed is not according to the expectation of the users. It will seriously hurt search engine optimization and earn you a lower ranking on search engine page results. So, optimizing site speed should be your top priority.

If you are also wondering how you can speed up your Joomla website, look no further but read this article in detail to explore all the solution tips and answers.

Top 7 Tips to Boost Speed of Your Joomla Website

Most site owners think it is not a big deal if it takes a few more seconds to load. However, it is, and you should not take it too lightly. Your site traffic can go to your competitors in those few seconds. So, optimize your site speed and secure your user traffic.

Here are the tried and tested tips to boost the speed of the Joomla website, which you can easily follow and ensure not to stay behind the competition.

1.    Invest in Better Hosting Service

Investing in a better quality hosting service is the first and foremost tip you can follow to speed up your Joomla website. The lightweight Joomla websites can thrive in any hosting atmosphere. If you are starting a new project and need a more scalable, reliable, and stable hosting service, you should only deal with professionals. Many new site owners contact and consult hosting service providers in UAE only to get rid of their worries and secure high-quality service.

2.    Update Core and Other Add-Ons

Updating core and other add-ons is one of the most crucial tips to boost Joomla site speed. The developers of the site keep rolling out new features and updates every now and then. The purpose of these updates is to fix the bugs, boost security and eliminate the vulnerabilities of the site. All of this automatically boosts the performance and speed of the site. So, do not ignore any new updates and follow them for enhanced performance.

3.    Implement Content Delivery Network

Implementing a content delivery network is another effective tip and sure-shot way of boosting the speed of the Joomla website. At times, users from other parts of the globe can try to access your site. The server will face issues in transporting the data, which will negatively impact speed. The content delivery network can place copies of the files of the site on servers across various locations. It will reduce the load from a single server and help users enjoy better site loading speed.

4.    Enable Joomla Cache

Enabling the Joomla cache is another effective tip that can help you boost the speed of your site. Caching will store the copy of the data and produce it for users for a specific period of time. So, when the users generate the same request again or again or multiple users share the same request, the server will not have to repeat the whole process. It will significantly help you manage server load and ensure better site performance and speed.

5.    Update Extensions

The next tip you can follow to optimize the speed of Joomla websites is to update the extensions. Updating the extension will allow using the latest version, which can boost performance. On the other hand, if you are not using extensions already, it is better to use speed optimization extensions. You can also remove the unused and un-optimized extension to ensure a significant performance boost.

6.    Enable Compression

One of the most followed tips to speed up Joomla websites is enabling compression. The data and volume of website files that are transferred from server to user’s system are often too high. This is the major reason behind slow site speed. Compressing the data is the best technique that can help users receive the same files in a limited time without data loss. You do not need to compress data manually but can use plugins for the purpose, and the browser of the user will automatically decompress the data.

7.    Clean Up the Site

The last and most effective tip to boost Joomla websites’ speed is to clean up the site. If you are among the people who like to experiment with plugins, extensions, and templates, chances are you will not be using them all. They will be static on your site and consume extra space. It is time to clean the site, which will drastically improve the speed. If you still fail to achieve your goal, contact UAE hosting service providers to pick better hosting and let experts optimize the site.

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Is your Joomla website still facing speed issues?

Changing the host can ensure drastic improvements. Contact professional hosting service providers to discuss the matter and let experts take care of the rest.

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