You want to open a car interior business, a car decoration shop, but don’t have much experience and don’t know where to start? The car interior business is not exactly a new type of business, but it is showing a potential direction. Let’s discover together by answering the following questions! 

1. How much money does it take to open a car interior store?

According to many people’s experience of opening a car interior shop, depending on the amount of capital you plan to invest, you can choose to trade in car interiors in any suitable form.

  • For those of you who are rich in capital, it is probably too easy. Surely you have a full range of toys, car interiors .., you can do business in combination with car care if you have space. The larger the investment, the more car care services can be combined: comprehensive care of interior, exterior, accessories…
  • With a capital of 200 – 300 million: Ideal capital. This money is used to save all car interiors, car toys are too much, you will get extra accessories with the car such as high-end door trims, car lights “Car Accessories” if you have a premises. should combine the business of cleaning furniture and taking care of cars.
  • With a capital of 100 – less than 200 million: The basic capital for quick turnaround and the ability to recover working capital needs to be fast.
  • With a capital of 40-100 million: Small capital for business on a reasonable scale, especially for those who open in the provinces, cities and local districts.
  • With a capital of less than 40 million: This source of capital is not reasonable to open a car interior and toy store. But for you, you already have an available space that can be used and fought with, with small services such as basic car care, film pasting, cutting floor mats, sewing leather seats… Business combination wholesale, wholesale delivery other agents.
  • With a capital of less than 30 million: You should go wholesale,  wholesale car accessories, wholesale car toys. Another problem is not in the topic of capital: It is market research for those who open furniture and car care stores. Research the actual market to choose a business location, choose the level of investment capital.

Experience opening a car interior shop for beginners 

2. To open a car interior business, do you need to choose a beautiful location?

You do not need to choose a very beautiful location in the middle of an intersection, but you need a place where cars can park and all passing cars can see, car interior stores, car toys, car decoration are not If you need to be more than about 15m2 wide, you can choose to wholesale – retail car furniture for car care salons. And if you choose to sell car interiors with replacement services for customers, you will necessarily need a larger area of ​​​​60-100m2.

2.1 Where is the source of goods when trading in car interiors?

In the automotive interior business, you need to find a qualified supplier, original price, you need to be in constant and long-term order, many different models, many new products needed when ordering are also available and these are the reputations. What you need in an auto interior accessories supplier.

You can choose a reputable supplier to become an official distributor of car interiors according to different car models.

For example, the interior of a car depends on the model of the car, there are many ways to divide it, which can be based on the size of a small car, a medium car, a large car or based on the purpose of use such as a family car. , sports cars, trucks … But the most common way is to divide it into lines based on shape with: sedan, hatchback, SUV, pick-up…

In Vietnam, the basic sedans such as: Toyota Camry TRD, Kia K3, Hyundai Sonata, Mercedes S-class. You can source furniture for these models from many different sources when trading in car interiors today: genuine sources and sources from wholesale markets selling car interiors.

Depending on the location of each place, you can choose to refer to different wholesale markets. In Hanoi, Gioi market is the source of goods when dealing in car interiors. But this is not a market for beginners.

A feature of this market is that the stalls always mix the real with the fake and sell at the same price. Therefore, those “with profound knowledge” can buy genuine and durable goods here at surprisingly cheap prices, but many “newbies” have had to swallow bitterly when buying inferior items. Quality for the money spent.

Auto interior

2.2 Is the human factor important when opening a car interior business?

Automotive interior business requires employees to have certain knowledge about cars and replacement parts. Along with the development trend of cars, the demand from consumers for the quality of replacement parts as well as car care services has increased.

Opening a car interior business store, skill and people are the decisive factors, if you are not skilled yet know anything about cars and interiors, it is recommended that you spend 1 to 3 months to learn. Good and enthusiastic workers you will find only if you pay a lot of money but certainly not for as long as you are the master.

2.3 Is it too late to open a store now?

It’s never too late when you know how to take advantage of what you have with the synthesis of experience from those who have gone before. Create your own but still retain customers with perfect service quality.

At the time of 2014, the business of interior and exterior equipment for cars commented that, compared to 5-7 years ago, now, it is more and more difficult to trade this item because people use cars. tight spending… new car shoppers often have the need to buy more high-end car “toys”, such as DVDs, high-quality leather mattress covers, V-Kool, 3 M, Nano insulating glass stickers… and many other common accessories for cars, such as hood lights, gear levers with lights, mini fridges, perfumes, GPS navigation . That is the picture of the car interior business in 2014.

However, in 2017, “car prices dropped dramatically, the Vietnamese auto market witnessed fierce competition from the “big guys”. Thaco fired the first shot when announcing a sharp discount on Mazda cars. Mazda6 – one of the best-selling models of the brand, decreased by up to 170 million dong, down to 840 million. This is something that even the most optimistic people about the Vietnamese car market did not expect.”

In 2018, the roadmap to reduce the import price of cars to 0% will make the market “hot again” and more hopeful when we are about to have our own car brand of VinGroup.

Therefore, this is the golden time for you to start, open a car interior business store in Vietnam market. The need is there, the important thing is how you do business and how to provide services to get more customers to your car interior business store.

Most of them now have a need to replace parts at the car care salon. So, consider the business model when opening a car interior business store! I wish you luck and success !

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