The two intranets are different. On the software side, there are many options, functions, and features. So how do you know which corporate intranet portal is best for you and your organization?

Choosing an corporate intranet portal is a big responsibility. In addition to the time it takes to set up the system, you have employee expectations, stakeholder trust, and relatively large financial costs that focus on your final decision. This is a heavy burden.

But as with anything affecting the workforce, it’s important to bring your experience to the table and involve everyone involved to help you choose the best software for your organization.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of things to consider when starting your employee intranet solution journey.

Things to keep in mind when considering an employee intranet solution

We recognize that buying an Corporate Intranet Portal is important at every level. In short, you need to make the right decisions, listen to as many employees as you can, and don’t rush things. After all, getting rid of implemented software is more problematic and more costly than taking the time to choose the right brand for your organization.

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Working with companies around the world, we understand the many challenges organizations face when finding software that fits their unique way of working. In our experience, pressure from other business areas often disrupts the corporate intranet portalplanning process. The most common of these are:

“Choose product X. Use last.” One of the biggest mistakes you can make is heeding the advice of colleagues who have used a particular brand in past workplaces. Yes. When they sing hymns, you need to keep two things in mind. First, organizations are very different from the previous workplace, with different goals, objectives, and ways of working. Second, social platforms are developing rapidly. Intranets of a few years ago can be considered outdated compared to the features and functionality of today’s intranets. With that in mind, staying current and understanding the agility of the software you’re interested in is imperative.

“It’s IT’s responsibility” Another thing to keep in mind is the importance of making sure a department doesn’t influence decision making. For example, what an IT department wants is very different from other needs and wants in other areas of the business. IT-friendly services such as SharePoint may not be easy for end users. Likewise, HR-biased intranets may miss other important factors. To get a unified representation, define high-level business requirements and try to explore data and output from focus groups across the organization.

“We need to put this together over the next six weeks.” Talking to many companies about their corporate intranet portal journeys. It fascinates us just because every story is so different. However, we noticed that the vast majority of these companies underestimated the time required to prepare, select, and deploy the selected intranet. So why does it take so long?It’s important to keep in mind how integrated the software is and how it will help define your future business. It shapes employee engagement, job satisfaction, communication and collaboration. No wonder these projects are overrun, as they play a very important role in the organization. The average time from inquiry to final approval is 6-9 months (maybe up to 2 years for larger companies). So, when it comes to choosing the right Employee Intranet Solution transaction, it’s obviously a decision that shouldn’t be rushed or ignored. Before setting time limits, it is best for all organizations to have a clear plan of what they need to do. Many obligations tend to exceed initial expectations.


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