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If you’ve ever owned a smartphone, you likely understand its fragility. One week after being removed from its packaging, it falls from your grip and onto the floor. Given how dependent we are on our mobile devices in the present day, it’s astonishing to see so many individuals without a good case. If you’re one of those individuals who maintain their phone without a case, here are four reasons you might rethink.

Advantages of Possessing a Smartphone Case

Better Grip

Whether you’re out and about or room scrolling at home, putting a cover on your phone will significantly increase your ability to hold onto it. This will prevent your preferred device from slipping through your hands and landing in undesirable locations. Get a handle on a situation. Some cases have rubberized grips or unique coatings that enhance grip, and many do so without adding extra bulk or weight to the device, therefore retaining the user experience.

Protect the Screen We are all aware that the Screen is typically the first component to break upon impact. Instead of paying to have a damaged screen repaired, get a case that will protect it. There are several options available that will give the Screen a greater chance of surviving those drops.

How does this function? Many examples contain a raised lip that encircles the Screen. This reduces the possibility of face-down crashes causing damage to the Screen, and you can even lay your phone screen down on a tabletop without worry (an excellent solution for avoiding Google Nest cam messages or social network updates while trying to work).

Dirt and Spills

Leaving a location without a device is an accident for most smartphone users. This phone, regardless of its location, is more cherished and integrated into our everyday lives than anything or anybody else. However, this frequent interaction brings dirt, filth, and spills. Having an additional layer of protection on your phone makes it more capable of withstanding the rigours of daily living.

Personalize It

In addition to the more apparent advantages of protecting your phone with a cover, you can customize it. Regardless of your preferences, you can find a case that fits your needs. In addition, since so many phones resemble one another today, it is useful when you need to be sure you have your phone.

Maximum Resale Value

Smartphones, mainly iPhones, maintain their worth over time. A case can reduce the likelihood of scratches, chipped metal frames, shattered back glass or screens, scuffs, and other aesthetic damage that can diminish resale value. Eventually, everyone upgrades, whether for the sake of wanting something new or for a variety of different reasons. Therefore it pays to use a premium case!

Cleaning Your Phone Case

In these unpredictable times, when being healthy and safe is more vital than ever, it is prudent to have a clean phone. Since your phone case will be in close contact with the outside world, it should be maintained exceptionally clean. Consequently, cleaning your phone case relies on the material it is made of. Most inexpensive cases are made from a combination of plastics and rubber, while some are made from metal, leather (a popular choice among phone users), or even hardwoods. You may also be interested in a folio-style case that covers the Screen when it is not in use, or you may prefer an ultra-slim case that fits snugly around the phone’s buttons and frame while adding as little bulk as possible.


These considerations influence cleaning techniques. Some materials, like leather, are not compatible with alcohol wipes. Others, such as rubber, behave as dust and lint magnets and must be cleaned more frequently (the same applies to TPU plastic, which can feel gummy and grimy if not cleaned regularly). Use disinfecting wipes, a moist cloth with a small amount of soap, or other less abrasive cleaning options. You may also use a UV sterilizing system, which keeps your phone and case free of bacteria.

Provide your phone with some TLC. You rely on this tiny gadget for nearly everything daily. Therefore protecting it is essential. CaseFit provides a vast array of smartphone accessories and cases for iPhones, Samsung and other brands to safeguard your device. If your phone is damaged without an issue, bring it in, and one of our skilled experts will repair it in 60 minutes or less in most cases.


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