Important things when designing for Instagram

We know that brands with more visual content using Instagram are more often. Instagram is needed to build or expand the audience. No need to talk about it.

There are some tips to watch out for for professional appearance on Instagram. Let’s get along well from the beginning: Kiat -KIAT will not be simple tips such as ‘Use Quality Pictures’, ‘Find your target audience’. This will be a little more professional and I will explain this through the examples I did.

Choosing a program

First of all, let’s determine how we will prepare a post. It is important to look like a professional. Very good if you know the Adobe program and design programs such as Sketch, Figma etc.

But if you don’t know, you might think that the process is difficult. Actually, it’s not like that at all. There are many programs out there that make special posts and look very professional. My favorite in this case is Canva. This is very simple, I’m sure you will learn to use Canva as fast and easy to post on Instagram. After registering with this link, you can quickly watch videos on YouTube. I’m sure you will learn quickly.

Decide what to do

Do you have a website? Or are you starting from Instagram? What do you want to share? We will find some answers with some critical questions like this. My example is an Instagram post from the news website.

If you have a website

Your job is easy. Because you have created your company’s identity in other social media channels. Font, color selection, and customer are determined. If this is determined, semi -road design research. Say you don’t like your posts on other social media and you want to change it. Or you just design for Instagram. So, let’s look at this;

If there are no other channels

Now we will quickly create a company’s identity. My post will be the news; That’s why I don’t prefer to be a fun design. I want to present the news clearly and focus the sentence.


The choice of online aesthetic fonts generator is as important as the selection of images on Instagram. If I talk about my example, it makes sense to use Serif font. The safest font for news is Serif font. I will not take risks and act based on people’s habits.
We will choose fonts according to the work we do. It would be nice if I use Serif fonts in Instagram posting baby products. In the store, we need a font that tastes sweet and friendly. For example, round font. Is the font interesting for our emotions? Yes, but let’s solve the font problem here for now.


You may not need a color choice. It’s okay to use a color that pleases your eyes. But it will look better if you have a color scheme. Choose colors that remind you of your work. It always works for me. For example, if the post is about tennis, it generates green or brown. Mechanics generates gray shades. If your work does not remind you of color, try this;
Some colors have occurred unconsciously. Red, danger; green, trust; yellow, attraction …
I followed the second path and categorized the color. Breaking news is red, the news is currently blue, etc.

Post size
The recommended size for Instagram post is 1080px with 1080px. (Also allowing 1080px with 608px and 1080px with 1350px) but this information is not enough. What about the font size? You must ensure that your font size can be read, the distance between the text, and the separation between the title and the body’s text.

Instagram is a visual social media. Beautiful photos and designs attract attention. It’s better not to use text in the design according to my personal experience. But let’s try to use the text as little as possible in the design where we need to use text. If we need to say something, be careful to write in a photo description.

Similar account

Look at the Instagram accounts of those who do your work (or similar jobs) before you start designing. Also, see them the best in this business, if any. Don’t think of it as ‘stealing’. Check whether there is something missing or wrong in your research. I saw through the biggest account that shared the news before I designed a post. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Guardian, etc. Not every right post for you. But when you see it, you immediately get a picture of what the news page is like.

Design details and finish work

In the last stage, you are a designer. You should decide whether to use a modern, minimal or popular design. If you will often prepare Instagram posts, it is very useful for working with component logic. This saves your time and effort.


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