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Understanding LTL Freight and How It Can Work for You

LTL freight is the term for products or goods that are transported but do not require a full truckload. Many different shipments are generally carried on one vehicle because of these smaller freight weights. LTL shipments, which can weigh anything between 150 and 10,000 pounds, are typically organized on pallets.

LTL carriers specialize in efficiently moving more items for more shippers by optimizing their loads. Shippers favor LTL shipping because it provides them flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness. LTL transportation, however, can be somewhat complicated.

The advantages, difficulties, and best practices of LTL freight shipment consolidation are examined in this article. Let’s first take a moment to understand how LTL freight shipment functions.

LTL freight: how is it utilized?

LTL freight shipments essentially combine partial loads to produce entire multi-stop truckloads, which is quite effective. The class of the things being delivered, the amount of space needed, and the pick-up and delivery locations all affect how much shipping will cost.

LTL freight can be delivered regularly, urgently, or with assurance. Additionally, LTL freight can be sent with additional customized services. Lift gate pickup/delivery, inside pickup/delivery, residential pickup/delivery, and reweighing/reclassification are a few of these services. Accessorial fees are the extra costs associated with certain services.

LTL Freight Advantages

Perfect for Small Business

LTL trucking and shipping are extremely advantageous for small businesses. Typically, compared to huge corporations, small firms ship fewer items and pay less on freight. LTL shipping enables small businesses to make use of the services offered by professional shipping without having to fork over a lot of money for extra space.

Saving money

LTL freight is made up of numerous smaller shipments that together make up a full truckload. You only pay for the space you utilize because your package only takes up a percentage of the truck’s allotted space. This guarantees that your costs will be much lower than what a typical full truckload transportation would be.

Best for online commerce

In today’s economy, the importance of less-than-truckload services has expanded. Online businesses vying for clients—not just with one another but also with brick-and-mortar retailers—must send products quickly to customers given the unstoppable growth of e-commerce. This requires that their goods be constantly stocked in warehouses or distribution centers close to customers, but it also ensures that they can be supplied promptly.

Businesses must make sure their shipping strategies meet the expectations of their customers in a world where e-commerce is the standard. LTL shipping increases productivity and delivery times by avoiding the requirement that every shipment fills a full truckload. Using LTL shipping ensures that your product or freight arrives exactly when and where it should be.

Environment Friendly

Fewer trucks carry full loads because of LTL shipment as opposed to more trucks carrying less than their capacity. This decrease in the number of trucks required to transport goods lowers emissions and the carbon footprint of your business.

Increases Security

Before being loaded into a truck, most LTL shipments are packaged onto pallets. Shipments with fewer, better-packaged smaller handling units have a higher probability of remaining secure.

Added service possibilities

You have access to specialized services like liftgates and inside pickup and delivery when you ship via LTL

Your shipment can be tracked

The bill of lading number, cargo reference number, and pick-up date range are just a few of the freight tracking options provided by LTL carriers.

Improved client services

Due to the increased likelihood of accidents and product damage during shipment, LTL freight delivery eliminates the need to worry about time delays or product damage that might occur with other methods. We carefully monitor and handle each shipment. Additionally, the loading and unloading procedures are closely monitored to guarantee prompt delivery and safe handling of your package by couriers. This makes sure there is little chance of loss or damage to your goods during LTL freight shipment.

LTL freight shipment benefits from improved customer service since deliveries are more transparent, making it simpler to track their whereabouts and developments during transit.

More authority over the points of dissemination

A freight shipping company should ideally be able to service most of your domestic destinations. Consequently, you will be able to award several points. Your consumers will be delighted because of shorter transit times for your products. This demonstrates how crucial it is to have an integrated logistics solution because every part of the supply chain must function well together. Any time a component fails during transportation, it will lead to additional expenses or missed deadlines, both of which are detrimental to enterprises.

The benefits of LTL freight to organizations and operations that are listed here are simply the tip of the iceberg because an efficient transportation strategy is made up of many different elements, whether they are all used together or not. You can be guaranteed that your shipment is handled by a reputable business with the experience and competence to guarantee on-time delivery when you transport LTL freight.

Concerns with LTL freight

Capacity of Carrier

Not all carriers provide LTL transportation or shipment, unlike full truckload shipping. It can be difficult to find a carrier that will transport LTL for the proper pricing. Use a free quote tool to find carriers who meet your service and price requirements or schedule enough time to search for a carrier to get over this obstacle.


In exchange for flexibility and cost savings, LTL freight may sacrifice expedience. Freight frequently takes longer to arrive because each vehicle carries shipments from various companies heading to various local sites. Make sure to allow extra time than you would for a typical truckload shipment if you are shipping via LTL freight.

Shipment information

LTL shipping necessitates attention to detail. Your company’s cost for LTL freight is influenced by a few variables, including freight class, weight, pickup and delivery locations, deadlines, etc. To acquire the best pricing and service level, pay close attention to every detail while planning the logistics of your LTL shipments.

Shipit4us will make sure that…

Incorrectly packaged or reported freight will require additional time, effort, and financial resources from service providers/ shipping companies. By precisely reporting information about your shipments (weight, freight class, etc.) and packing them appropriately according to that freight’s attributes, you may keep your connections with you strong. By saving carriers money and time, you’re strengthening your connection with your LTL carriers.

The aspects that affect LTL shipping rates


The freight class, which directly affects rates, is determined in part by the size and weight of the shipment.


The cost increases with distance.


LTL shipments can be expedited, usually for a price.


Costs are likely to increase for a shipment containing perishable, fragile, or hazardous goods that needs special handling or equipment.

How and when to use LTL shipping

For companies with freight under 15,000 pounds and without a need for a full trailer, LTL transportation is suitable.

When trying to maximize cost savings, take LTL into account.

FAQs About LTL Freight Shipping

What sets LTL and freight apart from one another?

LTL and freight are two terms used to describe the two methods of calculating the weight of bulk goods. As goods are rigorously weighed before being loaded onto containers heading for their destination, freight is normally measured in tons. Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight does not call for a container to be weighed and then listed at a fixed weight class based on that weight. Instead, LTL freight charges are based on the average payload of every shipment delivered from an area, which is divided into several classes according to the peso value of each package handled by the delivery business that provides it.

Should I send a package or an LTL?

Consider LTL if you are transporting more than 150 pounds. With a freight service company, shipping LTL means getting affordable prices and knowledgeable guidance.

Is LTL shipping appropriate for small companies as well? Most definitely. LTL shipping is a great choice for small firms who want to cut costs on shipping services but don’t need extra bells and whistles. If you’ve required to send a lot of large or bulky things, it’s been your greatest option for saving money due to the skyrocketing truckload freight rates. LTL shipments excel at providing a comprehensive solution that will handle everything from loading and transportation to delivery and billing. The only thing you must do is provide them with instructions on how much room you’ll need when your shipment needs to be delivered, and how frequently.


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