Matte vs. Glossy Stickers

Stickers are perfect for labeling many products. A well-designed sticker can grab any customer’s attention to fully inform them about a product or service’s availability and perks. Without them, modern grocery shopping – or shopping in general – might take so much time because sellers have to explain the features of each product to each customer.

Matte and gloss are two of the most popular finishes because they look appealing and immediately grab the viewer’s attention. Let’s learn more about each of them below.

The Difference Between the Two


Matte stickers have a sophisticated look that looks neat and subtle. It has a very low sheen and virtually zero glare. Most events use matte stickers for giveaways because they can illustrate and maintain so much detail when it comes to photos and artistic illustrations. 

The low glare of matte stickers makes them popular because they achieve a subtle and muted look. They’re easily perfect for artworks that use a neutral color palette without smothering the original look of the artwork and its smaller details.


As their name implies, glossy stickers are shiny and are easily noticeable from far away. This trait makes them quickly noticeable than matte ones. Light shined upon these stickers will achieve some reflection that grabs anyone’s attention. Glossy stickers are fitting for loud color applications, such as edgy and bizarre artworks with bright color palettes. Any artwork that uses glossy stickers will instantly feel energetic and modern. 

Situations to Use Matte Stickers

Stylish Occasions

Sophisticated events are the perfect place to use matte stickers. These include weddings, company events, bridal showers, intimate events, and corporate giveaways. The non-glaring and subtle finish won’t jump out at the observer, but it will make them look twice at the sticker. In doing so, viewers can easily digest the information on the image. This trait lends to its sophisticated appeal that gloss stickers can’t match.

Subtle and Neutral Colors

Subtlety is sophistication. Matte partners exceptionally with subtle colors, such as cream, dark blue, and salad green, because its lack of sheen and effective visibility highlights the tones properly. Neutral colors can work best with matte because it lacks the sheen that lends glossy stickers a loud look and appearance where attention to detail is absent.

Indoor Applications

Matte and glossy stickers can indeed work well indoors or outdoors. Matte, however, can work better indoors because it won’t reflect the bright indoor lights of offices, event halls, and other venues. Glossy stickers will immediately reflect any light and make it nearly impossible to pay attention to the sticker’s smaller details.

Situations to Use Glossy Stickers

Outdoor Applications

Glossy stickers have a durable lining that protects their image from the elements. Special transparent plastic wraps over the image to reduce moisture infiltration. Glossy stickers shine the brightest and are easily noticeable on sunny days. Their glare can catch a stranger’s eye and demand their attention towards the information it possesses.

Lively Events

Event halls and concerts will make glossy stickers instantly visible due to their high contrast and sheen. But, if the concert has a loud theme, the stickers will suit the event well. For example, a rock concert artist can give away tons of glossy stickers during an event. For publicity, the artist may stick some of their glossy ones on the venue’s walls.

Loud Colors

Gloss and sheen work well with loud colors because they’re simple. Most glossy stickers with loud colors don’t have too many details, allowing the entire sheen and high contrast to grab attention immediately. Yellow, blue, red, green, sunflower yellow, and other vibrant colors will work well with glossy stickers. Just make sure they don’t have too many small details that the sheen might render invisible to viewers.


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