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People of different generations choose to live alone. Having some personal space is crucial to feel yourself in good mental shape and the skills you gain living on your own are irreplaceable in the future. Read on to learn how to combine the privacy of your loved ones living alone while providing them with the personal safety of mind and body.

Importance of Personal Safety of Relatives and Friends Living Alone

While living alone gives a lot of independence, freedom like this usually brings its risks. Your family members and friends living on their own are prone to feel lonely, get injured, or face an emergency with nobody to ask for help. Loneliness and social isolation lead to a higher risk of heart diseases, obesity, anxiety, and even depression. Emergency management helps to omit imminent threats, but it gets much more difficult when you are isolated.

Caring for isolated people is important, but you can’t just spam their WhatsApp with “Hey, how are you?” constantly. This gets a bit annoying and messes up with their independence. The ultimate way to help without being obtrusive is to use wireless emergency alerts (WEAs).

Must-have Apps for your Relatives Living Alone

Modern technologies allow us to minimize the potential risks of living alone. Smartphones have become WEA-capable devices a while ago, thus asking for help turned into a single push of a button. Moreover, smartphone apps offer a world of household and healthcare assistance. Here are some must-have app categories for your friends and family members living on their own:


No matter the age or interests, communication is the priority when choosing a well-being app. Text-like messages and video chats  are often the main way of communication for students and seniors who live alone.

Younger generations choose Telegram and FaceTime for quick messaging and advanced features like message editing and video group chats. The older generation sticks to Viber and Facebook Messenger as they are tightly integrated with social media and allow them to contact more of their acquaintances. The world of Internet messaging offers many apps so choosing one to your liking is no big deal.


Living alone requires a lot of discipline and organization. Aging makes dealing with routine tasks especially difficult. Organizers, management, and national weather service apps are the key to creating a more planned life. From Google Keep to Water Reminder – apps for seniors living alone will remind them about their tasks, nutrition, and medications.


Entertainment apps help to kill some time and relax the brain after a difficult day. Clickers and Tamagotchi games are popular among seniors as they entertain without demanding too much from the player. Try showing them a digital Stardew Valley farm or introduce the world of construction with Minecraft. Games like this are suitable for all age groups. TikTok, YouTube, and Spotify provide the user with the world of music and video content. They entertain during routine tasks and help to feel less lonely.

Smart Device Managers

Home security systems remain quite expensive and difficult to set up. Still, smart devices have become much more accessible and we can often meet them at the stores. A smart kettle and lightning is a good way to simplify living alone. That’s why smart home applications are one of the most useful apps for seniors living alone.

Personal Safety

How do you ask for help in case of emergency if you are living alone? Public safety officials recommend using wireless carriers like wearables and WEA-capable devices. Amber alerts have already saved a lot of children all over the world, but emergency alert systems can be useful for different age groups and especially for people living alone. Public alerting uses different methods to notify about the dangers. In most cases, these apps and devices use special SOS alarms that send emergency messages.

AllsWell Alert is one of the apps in the Personal Safety category

Caring for your relatives’ personal safety has never been easier with AllsWell Alert. AllsWell Alerts include inactivity monitoring, international cell towers coverage, and panic button functionality. It is one of the best software solutions for people living alone.

Trust your instincts, look after your friends and family, and don’t forget about your personal safety with the AllsWell Alert app.


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