Monsoon season is just round the corner and you cannot enjoy the season without relaxing in the thick greenery of your blossoming garden. Rain has a relaxing impact on both the mind and the body and what adds to its therapeutic properties are green plants. The cool temperature and humidity in the air during the monsoon season is beneficial to your garden’s flora as well as the indoor plants. A beautiful blossoming garden, a cup of chai, some snacks and the rain seems to be the perfect setting for a weather like this, however, if you do not have a garden area in your house or are planning to come up with a new garden plan, here are some best monsoon plant ideas that would help your garden look more adorable.

Gulmohar: An attractive shrub with vivid red and orange blooms, gulmohar plant blooms the best in the monsoon season. Admired for their beauty, gulmohar plants are known to enhance the beauty of the interiors as well as your garden. During the maturation phase of the plant, it produces large umbrella-shaped crowns and may reach a maximum height of 30-40 feet. A gulmohar plant is ideal  for providing colour and lush growth to your landscape.

Cassia Fistula: One of the most beautiful and frequent flowers to grow during the rainy season, the golden blooms of this plant are arranged in bunches against the foliage giving your garden a beautiful arrangement. Casita Fistula plants are also used to fill up spaces in your landscape. The plant only requires sufficient sunlight, and air to thrive during the season.

Plumeria: One of the most common and visually appealing monsoon plants, Plumeria plant comes in a range of colours. They appear like beautiful bushes and bloom in direct sunlight. Plumeria plants require well-drained soil and require occasion trimming and pruning for them to grow the right way. These plants are known to be sand and wind-resistant and manage to survive even in cold weather.

Marigold: A low maintenance plant, Marigold adds a splash of colour to your garden and  attracts bees and butterflies and other beneficial creatures. Marigold seeds germinate and blossom in around eight week and these plants come in bright hues of red, copper, yellow and golden flowers that look beautiful when completely in bloom. These plants range from 6 inches to 4 feet tall.

Cleome: A species of the Cleomaceae family, these flowering plants are also known as a spider flower, bee plant or spider plant. The plant has spiky, tall shrubs with flower clusters. These fragrant flowers for the monsoon season are available in a variety of colours with options like pink, white rose and light purple. Planting these plants in your vegetable garden attracts helpful insects and repels pests.

Hibiscus: With large trumpet-shaped and colourful flowers blooms on this evergreen shrub with dark green foliage. One of the simple rainy season plants that bloom profusely and may be cultivated as a single plant or as a hedge plant. These flowers come in a variety of colours ranging from red , peach to yellow, adding beauty to your garden.

Duranta: A tropical shrub that thrives in hot conditions, these plants spread over the garden and has trailing wide evergreen leaves. Duranta blooms all season with clustering blue, creamy whie or beautiful purple flowers. The flower’s beauty is enhanced by the lengthy trail of green leaves and yellow-golden berries that flows around it.

Well, you can also gift these plants online in Chennai, to your loved ones in this monsoon season and let them enjoy the weather to the fullest.


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