Around 200 000 children visit emergency rooms throughout the United States due to playground-related injuries. Nearly 50% of these injuries are considered to be severe.

You might be left wondering, “Are playgrounds safe?” Yes, they certainly can be. However, it requires a fundamental knowledge of safety in the playground and observing safety rules for playgrounds for children to understand how to play safely.

How to teach kids about safety at play?

The earlier you begin to teach your child about the importance of safety at the playground the more beneficial. Before heading for the park, review the safety guidelines for playgrounds with your kid. Make sure they take turns and watch out for other children and make sure that the playground equipment is used in the manner it is supposed to be utilized.

Another way to show children what to do on the playground is to demonstrate the behavior yourself if you’re capable of. When you play with your child you can slide down one foot first, and then grasp the railings of the playground equipment and grip your handles on a saw-saw with a firm grip as you slide between the two.

Playground Safety Checklist

The checklist for safety on the playground can be a good starting point for discussing play that is safe for your child.

1. Always adhere to the rules for playground equipment

The first thing to do is ensure you’re using the appropriate age equipment. If they aren’t able to climb up the swing or climb stairs quickly, they’ll need to wait until they’ve grown up slightly before they can are able to use the equipment.

Additionally, you should explain how important it is to utilize the equipment in the proper method. For example, hanging upside down over the bar can cause serious injuries in the event that a child is thrown off. Although it’s enjoyable to try new things, it’s safer to be secure.

2. Take a look before using

Encourage your child to take a quick look at an item of equipment for the playground prior to engaging in it. Make sure to check whether there are other children playing in the tunnels or on the slide prior to going in. This can prevent collisions, which could cause injury to your child as well as to others.

3. Be mindful of the surroundings around you.

Children are so excited to play in the playground that they quickly forget to pay attention to their surroundings. Instruct your children to keep their heads straight and eyes wide as they run around the playground. Moving a few feet away from slides and swings instead of directly in their path is an important principle to keep in mind. Be aware of the other children and adults walking about.

4. Avoid Wet Equipment

It’s tempting to take your children to the playground after the rain has stopped and the sun is shining. However, playground equipment that is wet can be dangerous no matter if your toddler spends their time crossing it. If you are required to take an excursion to the playground make sure you bring plenty of towels to clean the area and ensure that your child is aware that they should only play in dry-off areas.

5. Dress in the appropriate Clothing

Beware of dressing children in clothes that may get caught on playground equipment or result in injuries. If you are planning a trip to the playground, a pair of sweatpants are the ideal choice to provide extra protection in the event of bumps or falls. Check for straps or buttons that might get caught in slides or swings, as well as other equipment. Make sure your child removes necklaces or earrings and any other jewelry prior to playing.

6. Play games without Playground Equipment

Children are awed by games like hopscotch and hide and seek or tag in the playground. But if they play near or on play equipment, injuries could happen to them, or to other children. Make sure children have fun on the ground preferring to play in a part of the park that isn’t close to playing equipment, and to be on the lookout for other children as they play.

Playground Safety Rules Make Everyone at Risk

The checklist for safety at the playground below provides simple, easy-to-follow guidelines to keep your children (and others)in a safe environment in the playground. It’s equally important for parents to watch their children. Make sure that children are not talking to strangers unless they’re with them and to stay within your reach. When you’re both playing your part playing together, the playground will be a fun and safe spot to play in.

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