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Engagement rings are good-looking and one amongst the most special jewellery pieces that you will ever possess, but rings are not merely for people who are getting married; they are ideal for all occasions, large and small, casual and fancy, day-to-day and rare. Classic occasion rings, ideal for rejoicing all of your life’s exceptional moments do not go out of fashion and look beautiful too. In truth, this is what makes those rings classic. They are simple yet sophisticated and have traditional designs and cuts that ensure they stay fashionable, forever.

Cocktail rings

Cocktail rings are often linked with the Roaring Twenties and Prohibition in the U.S. People considered it to be a sign of rebellion alongside other jewellery types like jewelled headbands and bracelets. They wore them at bars, clandestine parties, and homes where booze was served. These rings look somewhat oversized and are categorized by their bold designs and a huge, sparkling centrepiece that consists of a semi-precious or precious stone bounded by accent stones. Cocktail rings are beautiful and are in trend even to this date; when you wear one, you are sure to get people’s attention.

Eternity rings

These rings are made to represent endless or incessant love. They are typically given by a loved one or spouse to their partner and are they have a continuous line of equally cut gemstones. Whilst they often have diamonds surrounding the band, they can also have any gemstone provided that it’s an unbroken, continuous band; a never-ending loop that symbolizes perpetual love. People wear them on their ring finger, typically between the engagement ring and wedding band. 

Engraved signet rings

These days, people wear a signet ring as it is a striking accessory that helps deliver their fashion statement or express their personality. It may be an heirloom that was passed down from the previous generation. In history, signet rings used to play a huge cultural role and they were often decorated with a family crest or the individually identifiable markings of the owner. These days, the rings typically have letters or symbols that represent the wearer like initials, name, school, organization, rank or heartbeats or even fingerprints. 

Five-stone rings

As suggested by the name, this ring includes five stones; the stones are of equal size and the look is versatile and classic. They are often presented as wedding anniversary gifts and engagement rings. Whilst the prong setting is the admired setting choice for this particular ring, basket and bezel settings also do look striking and offer a distinctive look. Additionally, five-stone rings can be personalized with various metals, carat weights and gemstones. 

Birth rings

When you ask someone what is the best day of their life, most people are typically torn between their kid’s birth and their wedding. If people rank them both highly, then certainly they both deserve their own commemoration with the right jewellery. With new childbirth, you have two choices for offering gifts. You can buy rings for the parents; they needn’t be showy and can be engraved with the child’s initials. You can also give the newborn his/her first jewellery piece. 

Seven-stone rings

This ring comes with seven gemstones that surround the band. Depending on the stone’s size, they can come together and meet halfway around, and this is the reason these rings are sometimes referred to as half-eternity rings. The gemstones can have uniform size and shape or be tapered as well. The gemstone types and the metals can be customized as well, however, the result is a stylish design with the stones extending across the front part of your finger. 

From 5-stone rings to cocktail rings; from rings devoid of any gemstones to rings with coloured gemstones or diamonds such as aquamarine, amethyst, and morganite, there are lots of stunning occasion ring styles to select from. Download Melorra app to know more about the latest ring designs. 


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