security access control

Security installations mitigate risks to workers and the business, and security access control systems provide a better choice to control who gets into the building. These integrations offer an access panel at the doorway of each office space, and only workers with the correct permissions and authorizations can get in. Continue reading to find out more about installing and using these systems.

Entering the Building Faster

Sudden risks around commercial properties require fast action, and workers who need to get into the building quickly don’t have time to use keys. A security access control system lets the workers get in by swiping keycards and unlocking the door, and the speed at which these workers access the building could be the difference between immediate safety and personal injuries. These access control systems improve safety for all workers.

Track All Worker Activities

From the moment a worker swipes their keycard, the network administrator can track their movement in the building. Risk mitigation is important for all companies, and if an incident happens in the building, business owners must find out where all workers are during the event. If a fire happens in the building, for example, the network administrator can track the workers and ensure everyone gets out safely.

Blocking Access to Restricted Areas

Workers can only get into restricted areas if they have a keycard with the correct authorizations. Most restricted areas in these commercial buildings either have classified information stored in them or the area presents a serious risk to workers. Business owners can prevent unauthorized access to confidential information, and they can block areas where workers must wear more extensive PPE, such as high-voltage areas.

Preventing Security Risks in the Workplace

Access to areas beyond the reception area can present serious risks to workers, especially if a criminal attempts to commit a crime in the building. If anyone comes into the reception area, the security guards can prevent further access to the rest of the building and keep the perpetrator from running or hiding in any other room in the building.

Locking Down the Building

A security access control system lets the business owner lock down the building at any time. The system offers settings to schedule a time for when workers can arrive and open the doors, and these features can prevent unauthorized individuals from using anyone’s keycard after business hours to get into the building.

A severe threat, such as terrorist activity, is another reason to lock down the building and prevent others from getting in. Reports of serious risks or crimes in the area indicate when a terrorist is nearby, and the business owner can lock down the access control panel to mitigate further risks.

Organizations and businesses mitigate risks for everyone who is inside their buildings, and an access control system is the best way to track who enters and exits the property. Keycards are assigned to all workers, and network administrators use the data to track their movements. Speak to vendors about security access control installations and how these systems improve security for your business.


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