With crime rates now reaching epidemic levels, adequately protecting your property from the threat posed by intruders should not be taken lightly. Research is underway to create new security and alarm systems that will ensure our homes and workplaces are safe from burglars.

If your home or office is still using an old motion sensor alarm, don’t assume that it’s just a deterrent to potential intruders. Now there are new systems and concepts that add an extra level of security to your property or building.

A lot of research and investment has gone into creating wireless security systems. Previously, most alarms used wires and cables that were long enough to be easily damaged, so they could not be detected. Wireless systems take security to the next level, because it is much harder to disable.

Now there is a trend (or trick!) to install decoy alarms. It has been designed to give the appearance of a real security system and has the ability to trick intruders into thinking they are actually disabled when in fact their movements are actually being recorded and followed!

CCTV cameras are now common on streets and in buildings. As the price of CCTV systems has come down drastically over the past few years, it is now quite affordable to integrate security cameras into your property alarm system. You can choose a security installer that also offers remote monitoring. When the alarm is triggered, professional security guards can observe the intruder and act quickly. Cameras not only help deter potential thieves, but the video they record can also be used as evidence in a lawsuit. Monoprice 110010 Headphones Review

In the same vein as motion detectors, there are now infrared sensors that can monitor events in specific areas. It is designed to track heat sources such as body heat given off by intruders. Heat sensor systems are becoming very popular because they can reduce the risk of serious fires causing damage.

It can happen that even with the latest locks and alarms installed in your property, an intruder still gets in. You can reduce the impact of a break-in by choosing a system that releases a dense fog when the alarm goes off. The result of this fog is that thieves cannot see more than a few centimeters in front of them and therefore immediately leave the building because they cannot see what they are going to steal!


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