The demand and use of electric scooters has increased significantly in recent years after the outbreak in 2017. Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, the electric scooter industry can thrive because it allows people to get around safely and comfortably. City. Due to its growing trend, the Electric scooter market is expected to reach $34.2 billion worldwide by 2026, according to the Global Electric Scooter Market.

However, with the increase in the use of electric scooters, the number of reported accidents and incidents related to electric scooters has also increased. According to a report in July, the Jamieson Trauma Institute found that 797 people were hospitalized after being injured by personal mobility devices, including electric scooters. Electric scooters are classified as dangerous due to increasing reports of accidents and injuries. Personal loan in UAE 3000 salary  

Because of the potential risks and injuries associated with using an e-scooter, some drivers want to insure themselves and their e-scooters in the event of an accident. In fact, some countries, such as Spain and Malta, require e-scooter drivers to be insured. However, most countries in the world do not require drivers to carry insurance for electric scooters because it is a relatively new mode of transportation.

Considering these factors, should you get electric scooter insurance?

Do you need electric scooter insurance?

First of all, do you need it? If you live in a country where electric scooter drivers are required by law to have electric scooter insurance, you must purchase insurance. While e-scooter legislation says nothing about buying an e-scooter, whether you want scooter insurance depends on your needs and lifestyle. However, it is definitely recommended. As a result, it provides extra protection for you and your e-scooter.

United State e-scooter legislation does not generally require e-scooters to be insured. However, in United State, electric scooters are recognized as motor vehicles and drivers are required to have a driver’s license, registration and insurance. However, since electric scooters do not meet any safety standards, electric scooters cannot be registered and cannot be ridden in public places. This eliminates the need for insurance.

Drivers should check their city’s e-scooter laws with their local transportation authorities or city government to be sure of the requirements and penalties for e-scooters.

What insurance do you need?

Unfortunately there is also uncertainty about micro traffic insurance, as the laws on electric scooters are not yet fully defined. However, some insurance companies already offer special packages for accidents and injuries related to electric scooters. Some include injuries and damage to your electric scooter.

If you don’t know where to get private insurance, your health insurance also covers injuries from electric scooter accidents. Just make sure you have comprehensive health insurance.

But electric scooters should not be insured, according to environmental engineer Paul Strobel. “The quality of the product is still not good enough,” says Strobel in the Forbes article. “Most electric scooters you see around town have a surprisingly short lifespan.”

This also applies to special electric scooters. Since electric scooters have an average lifespan of three to four years, long-term electric scooter insurance may not be cost-effective. However, e-scooters are still being discussed and developed, so there are more insurance options for e-scooter users when e-scooter legislation is clearly defined.

Why should you buy insurance for your e-scooter?

There are pros and cons to getting e-scooter insurance, but there are several reasons why it is beneficial for riders.

1. Take out accident insurance;

Since electric scooters can travel up to 25 km/h in public places and more on private property, there is a risk of serious injury in the event of a fall or collision. Protect yourself against high medical expenses by insuring yourself.

2. Get insurance to fix your damaged electric scooter;

If you damage your e-scooter in an accident it can be very expensive to repair the damage or worse, you may have to buy a new e-scooter. Insuring your e-scooter also helps you cover the cost of repairing or buying a new one.

3. Being able to pay for an injured pedestrian or damaged property;

In the event of an accident, you can also push pedestrians and other motorists onto the sidewalk. Proper e-scooter insurance will also help cover costs if you injure others or damage public or private property.

4. Get insurance in case your electric scooter is stolen;

Finally, anti-theft insurance for electric scooters is essential. Believe it or not, electric scooter theft is more common than you might think. After all, it’s easier to carry them and run away. The e-scooter insurance also covers the costs if your e-scooter is stolen or damaged following a theft.

Remember to put safety first;

If you don’t want to take out e-scooter insurance or are still unsure, there are a number of things you can do to avoid possible injury and accident costs. Drive carefully and responsibly.

Make sure you know your city’s e-scooter law and obey traffic rules. Also, remember to drive responsibly and be aware of other road users. This way you don’t have to buy insurance because you protect yourself from accidents.

However, if you are worried about the uncertainty of road traffic, getting the right insurance for you and your Electric Scooter Adults is a good protection.

In addition, it is important that you have a reliable and robust electric scooter with effective and working brakes and other safety features. Safety is our number one priority, so we make sure you get a reliable and durable electric scooter. Browse our shop and discover our latest models of electric scooters.


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