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Looking for the best taxi service in your city? We’ve rounded up some of the top choices in NYC. These include Harbor View Car Service, DiDi, Via, and Four Ones Car Service. See which one serves your neighborhood best, and then nominate and vote for them to win! And don’t forget to check out our other picks for best taxi service in NYC! You can find out more about each of these services below!

Four Ones Car Service

When it comes to hiring a taxi in Queens, you cannot go wrong with Four Ones Car Service. Operating for more than a century, this company has provided reliable transportation to Queens residents. With friendly drivers and reliable service, you can count on getting to your destination on time, without having to worry about getting lost. Whether you need a ride to the airport or from a business meeting, Four Ones can provide you with a quick and safe ride.

Harbor View Car Service

When you need a ride in Brooklyn, look no further than Harbor View Car Service. This Brooklyn-based taxi service has been providing rides to Brooklyn residents safely and affordably since 1965. Its drivers are courteous and highly skilled, and they will treat you like royalty as they get you to your destination. Whether you need a ride to the airport or to your hotel, you can count on Harbor View to get you there safely.

If you’re looking for a quality car service in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, look no further than Harbor View Car Service. Not only are they open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but they’re also available on weekends. In addition, their sanitizing process is rigorous. Drivers must sign a site use agreement before they can use the service. It’s easy to see why Harbor View Car Service is the best taxi service in Bay Ridge.


For the best taxi service in Shanghai, you need to have a Chinese cell phone number. This will help the driver identify you by your last four digits. Drivers will call you to verify your identity if they are in doubt. You can pretend not to hear the phone or you can contact them through the messaging system. Drivers have prewritten messages to avoid any confusion or misunderstanding. The service is available for both domestic and international users.

Based in Beijing, the company serves 550 million customers and has ten thousand employees. The company is run by three Chinese nationals. Cheng Wei, the company’s CEO, is an alumnus of the Alibaba Group and a former employee of Alibaba. His net worth is over 1.2 billion dollars. The company also provides bus services, P2P ride-sharing, automobile solutions, and financial services.

DiDi is the Chinese version of Uber. It is an online platform that provides on-demand transportation, on-demand deliveries, and automobile services. Its business now spans many sectors, including delivery, electric vehicle charging, and fleet management. It has over 550 million users and tens of millions of drivers worldwide. It also plans to expand internationally and has made several strategic investments in other companies to grow its business.

DiDi express rides are shared rides with other passengers. While they cost less than private cars, they are not always the best option for the best trip. The drivers usually stick to the route they are provided by the DiDi navigator, but you can request them to take alternative routes to get you where you need to be. These cars are also cleaner than private vehicles. Generally, taxi cars are not as clean as private cars. DiDi taxi drivers are also experts on the road.


Via is a ridesharing app that offers a flat rate of $5 to anywhere within its service area. They pair up travelers who are headed in the same direction and pick them up along the way. Via accepts commuter benefits cards, but it only operates in Manhattan between 6:30 a.m. and 9 p.m., Monday through Friday. Although the service is a little bit pricey, it does offer a $1,000 signing bonus.

InDriver is another ride-hailing app, but it covers a much larger area in the US. Its Android app offers over 500 cities in 34 countries and the US as of 2018. InDriver works like most ride-sharing apps, with an option to hail a cab and pay the driver. Drivers can leave reviews on the app, and you can choose one from a list based on how many rides they have completed. Via works well with passengers, but the process of payment can take longer than expected.

The application makes it easy to find a cab, book a ride, and track it on your smartphone. It also provides e-receipts and a convenient payment system. With over 200 million people working in the USA, a large part of the population relies on taxi services to get to and from work. With so many people working in urban environments, there is no way to get around without a cab!

The Bolt app is another convenient way to pay for your cab. You can save your address and track your ride’s location. You can also store your card information for payment so that you can pay with spare change in your wallet. The app is easy to use and offers an estimated price of the ride. The Bolt app offers several different vehicle options to choose from. It also allows you to see where the cab is in real time.


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