features of an iPad

In the current world, the most common type of computers are desktop computers. However, nowadays, many people are interested in tablet PCs such as iPad. It will be more convenient for people to use a tablet PC rather than a desktop computer. For example, people can take iPad abroad because it is smaller and lighter. So what is the difference between desktop computers and tablet PCs?

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a tablet PC. It is an electronic device that has a screen and runs apps on it. It is the first product of Apple in the field of tablet PCs, and it was announced in April, 2010. There are three models: 32GB WiFi model, 64GB WiFi model and 128GB WiFi model. The 64GB model costs $299 (including tax) at the introduction time of release, which is around ¥26,000 (about US$400). The 128GB WiFi model costs ¥29,800 (about US$470) at the introduction time of release.

The features of an iPad

1.Thin, light and convenient to carry

This is one of the most important features in tablet PCs nowadays. The iPad is only 9.7 mm thick, 22% thinner than other tablets. The iPad weighs 1.5 pounds, which is 30% lighter than other tablets. It also supports 240-minute battery life and 11 hours of Wi-Fi communication, which are very high compared to other products in the same field.

2.High performance

The iPad can run all apps that are available at the App Store and it has a large memory capacity for storing documents or large files(4GB ROM+ 32GB ROM). In addition, it supports 3.5G Wi-Fi communication and also has a high speed of connection to the Internet.

3.More apps are available on iPad than other tablets

The current iPad has 240,000 apps in App Store, and people can use the iPad to play games such as Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja by using the touch screen to control the characters on the screen. It is possible to edit pictures and movies, enjoy music, read books etc., just as with a laptop computer.

4.Compatible with iPod Touch or iPhone

People can use their iPod Touch or iPhone together with an iPad via iTunes because it is all from Apple products manufactured by Apple itself.

Apple is the first company to bring out a tablet PC, but it is not the only company who has made one. The Samsung Galaxy Tab series comes to the market shortly after iPad. Android OS can be used on both Apple and Samsung tablets.

5.If the need arises, you can also connect to Apple TV

You can use an iPad to watch movies that are on iTunes through an Apple TV. It is possible to use other functions of an iPad with a variety of apps such as Photos, iMovie and GarageBand.

6.The product is more expensive than other products with the same features in the same field

Despite it being relatively expensive for tablet PCs, people who use one will not regret because it is a very practical product that has many functions and high usability.


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