Montana is called one of the most herbal and visually adorable places to live. However, it’s miles still placed on planet Earth, so other than the plain threats found in some areas of the state, which consist of grizzly bears, Montana also has its percent of crime.

Looking at some of the picturesque outdoors surroundings it is able to be tough to consider that this area seems like a haven for every herbal global and mankind alike.

But Montana is not without criminals, and this is relevant to each theft and violent crime. The maximum risky locations in Montana are, not particularly, built-up and greater in downtown regions.

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We’ll take a more in-depth observe Montana crime quotes and what you could assume in a few regions below Big Sky Country

Montana Crime Fee

The crime price in Montana experiences a sharp increase in 2022, with the violent crime charge developing from four.2 in step with 1,000 humans to 4.7. However, the property crime price saw a mild drop from 22.Four steady with 1,000 to 21.2. This stays better than the country wide average of nineteen.6.

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The figures fluctuate in their reviews in terms of both the general crime fee as well as violent crimes and property crimes. Some states might also have immoderate instances of one and be almost without the alternative, while some have identical measure of each.

So allow’s delve deeper into our listing of the most unstable places in Montana in advance than making any excursion or retirement choices.

Most ‘dangerous’ Places In Montana

Montana does no longer make the list of the top ten maximum risky states inside the US, making it an extended manner greater at ease than the pinnacle three states of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. Still, it’s far accurate to comprehend what to anticipate whilst traveling and be aware of which towns and regions in Montana are at higher hazard of crime than others.

1. Helena

Helena is the united states capital and therefore has many advantages including above common housing and education. But consider what – larger cities frequently entice even larger crime.

With a population of over 30,000, Helena has a few recognition for rape – via an extended way the first-rate rate in the Big Sky nation.

Unfortunately, belongings crimes and violent crimes also are incredibly immoderate inside the respective order. Thus the city ranks 2d and fourth to the latter two at various factors.

2. Wolf Point

Wolf Point is one in all Montana’s lesser-stated towns, apart from the fact that it hosts the oldest rodeo inside the u . S . A .. Most website online site visitors to the city come for the rodeo, however it has an unlucky aspect.

Visitors and tourists alike are often unaware that the city has one of the maximum violent crime expenses within the complete country, or even worse, heaps of it is regularly directed in the path of strangers.

When you take into account that the populace focused specifically within the Fort Peck Indian Reservation is tons less than three,000, the finding of 26 violent crimes taking vicinity a year is a bit disturbing. This might not sound excessive but statistically, it is around 900 in step with a thousand human beings in line with 365 days.

The genuine facts is that the property crime price is quite low, with Wolf Point best registering the thirteenth highest for property-related issues within the state which has decreased alternatively during the last decade.

3. Polson

Polson is positioned inside the Northwest of Montana inside the Flathead Indian Reservation. Some ratings definitely area this small town as the maximum volatile within the nation due to its excessive crime charge, notwithstanding the truth that many special lists have it around 3 or four.

Statistically, it appears that evidently belongings crime is the precept trouble right right here, with violent crimes often related to robbery. Recent FBI information have in truth indicated that Polson has the most property crimes in line with capita of any town in the u . S ..

The place has a information of immoderate unemployment expenses which may be a contributing detail.

4. Ronan

The small northwest Montana town of Ronan includes a part of the Flathead Indian Reservation region in Lake County and has a population of honestly over 2,000.

The horrific information about Ronan is that it has been ranked the sixth most volatile region to live in Montana. On a per capita foundation, it’s miles taken into consideration one of the most violent locations in the nation, falling between the number one and 1/3 maximum on it. The attack is one of the fundamental troubles of violent crime in the place.

It does not look plenty better in phrases of property crime each, for the cause that Ronan citizens confronted 50 belongings offenses a one year. This is sufficient to advantage the eleventh highest ranking in Montana.

5. Missoula

Missoula is certainly one of the most important towns inside the country, with a population of over 75,000, making it the second most populous location in Montana. And with the ones numbers come numerous downsides. The immoderate price of property crime is regularly referred to as one of the primary motives that the region is indexed as an undesirable area to live.

Even worse even though, Missoula has had the unlucky distinction of being one in all Montana’s homicide capitals inside the beyond and has been ranked because the eighth most dangerous location in Montana average in numerous listings.

The metropolis in reality has masses of positive abilties which includes averageabove schools and centers, however the populace is spread over a huge place. This may be one of the underlying factors in Missoula’s information for violence, belongings crimes and rape.

Both violence and belongings-associated crime have grade by grade extended over the last decade, with out a clear signs of a decline within the near destiny.

6. Hamilton

Hamilton is a Montana city in the far western part of the dominion that attracts a good buy of tourism. Unfortunately, it is not with out its fair proportion of violence-associated crime. Reported rape and assets crime cases also are excessive in numbers a number of the population of a good deal less than five,000.

Hamilton is a beautiful metropolis, and even though it is indexed as having the 1/three maximum crime price in the complete country, apparently it has been on the lowest for a while steady with recent tendencies.


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