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No matter what type of product a business sells, it needs high-quality packaging for it. It has become the need of the hour to know all about the different types of coloured Kraft boxes. Knowing them is the only thing that will help make the right decision. However, they are all made from some of the best materials. Their quality is top-notch in terms of strength and aesthetics. Following are some of the best types of Kraft packaging that your brand can find in the market:

Tuck-End Kraft Boxes 

They are one of the best types of Kraft boxes that are widely used around the globe. It does not matter what the brand sells; the products usually come inside such packaging. This type of box comes with flaps on both ends. When the product is safely added to the package, the flaps are closed, and the ends are tucked. This explains their name, i.e., tuck end boxes. Once the package is closed, there is no way for the item to wiggle out. 

Their durability is highly notable as they come with constructing the best Kraft paper. Even if fragile products are present inside the package, they will remain in one piece. In terms of aesthetics, there is no match to these Kraft gift boxes. Their size and designs depend completely on the customers. Whether it is the colour scheme, print, or the presence of windows, the buyer is in full control of every customization. 

Collapsible Boxes 

Another great type of Kraft paper box is the collapsible one. As the name indicates, they are collapsible. Thus, they come with a design that Yiu can bring to life on the spot. The package does not arrive already in the shape of a box. Once the product is ready to be inside, the carton is shaped following its guidelines. The design does not affect the strength of the boxes. They are capable of offering protection to the product present inside. 

Moreover, another advantage of such a custom Kraft box is its ability to customize. There is no limit to their sizes. Whether the product is 5 inches wide or 15 inches, making a package of suitable size is possible. As they are collapsible, You can return them to their original form once they are empty. This helps in saving space, which is an additional benefit. 

Kraft Sleeve Boxes 

Sleeve packaging is an amazing and innovative type of kraft box with a lid. They are exactly how the name indicates. This container has a small compartment and a lid that slides over the compartment like a sleeve. The unique nature of such packaging makes it appealing. Especially when the customer adds stunning designs and prints to it, its beauty maximizes. In addition, the brands can add food, confectioneries, cosmetics and various items inside these boxes. Sleeves are also a smart option used as Kraft jewellery boxes these days.

Due to the presence of a sliding sleeve on top, there is no way for the product to endure damage. Therefore, they will be safe and sound inside. Furthermore, the high-quality kraft paper construction will also do its job well. In addition to that, the brand has the option of making these packages in several sizes. Also, their additional benefit comes in handy. Lastly, the brand can add transparency to these packages and create stunning Kraft boxes with windows. 

Two-Piece Kraft Boxes 

Two-piece is a unique type of kraft mailer box. They are exactly how they sound. This type of package comes in two pieces. One piece is the base where the product is present, and the second piece is the lid. The second piece completely covers the base, which is the charm of these boxes. They are highly secure, and due to a lid, there is no way for the item to slip out. These containers come in any shape and size. This gives brands the freedom to be as creative as they desire. 

Thanks to the top-notch quality of the kraft material, the package is sturdy too. So, they take the star in terms of strength and aesthetics. The brand gets both in a single package. This type of kraft box is easy to open and shut, which is another benefit. 

Kraft Bags – The Latest Trend

The last amazing and unique type of Kraft packaging is the Kraft bag. Even though they do not fit the original definition of boxes, they are amazing items. They come with the construction of the finest Kraft material in the market, which makes them exceptional in terms of quality. Moreover, another benefit is that they come in various sizes. The brand can make them in any size that fits their products. This is an amazing advantage that saves them from unsuitable packaging. They have a unique built-in handle at the top. It is the part of its structure that helps carry the products more conveniently. The brand can add any design and print to the front or the back. Whether the brand needs to pack food, cereals, tea, coffee or any other items, these sturdy bags are perfect for all.


Due to the abundance of different packaging solutions, it often gets overwhelming for a brand to pick the right one. However, this decision becomes easier when you are aware of the different types of Kraft boxes present in the market. You can pick the one wisely for your product when you know all about them. This article states some of the best types of coloured Kraft packages to consider.


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