You have a few options if you want to download Instagram stories to your computer. Story Saver is free and lets you download IGTV videos, images, reels, and highlights. The app works by copying the Instagram URL and opening it in the Story Saver app. However, this is a free app, so you should be aware of its ads.

stories down

If you want to download and watch Instagram storiesdown, several applications can help you. Some are free, while others charge a small fee. Dumper is one of the free tools that can help you watch and download Instagram stories. It lets you see tagged posts and stories without logging in and doesn’t bombard you with advertisements. It’s also better-looking than stories, so it’s worth trying out if you want to watch and download Instagram stories privately.

StorySaver+ is another free app that lets you download and save Instagram stories. The tool lets you view photos, videos, and articles – it doesn’t ask you to join the Instagram community. It also allows you to create a favorites list to find the stories you want to download easily. You can even download carousel posts, highlight stories, and replay feeds.

Story Saver.

If you want to watch and download Instagram stories on your phone, you can use Story Saver. This app saves reports and allows you to share them using the direct messenger feature. The best part is that it keeps the content safe for you. All you have to do is specify the source of the content to ensure it does not violate other people’s intellectual property. This app is a perfect replacement for the main Instagram application, but you can also use it to view reposted pictures and videos.

The story Saving app is free and allows you to download other users’ publications for later viewing. You can also use it to download videos from IGTV reels. It is easy to use and offers an excellent user interface.


BlindStory is an excellent app for watching and downloading Instagram stories. The app is unique because it allows users to watch stories anonymously and download videos from any location. It also lets users search and download other people’s posts, which can be helpful if they want to repost the bars later. The free version has limitations, but the premium version doesn’t have any restrictions. It also offers a better download quality, which is ideal for reposting. Read more

BlindStory is a free app available for Android and iOS. It allows users to watch and download Instagram Stories anonymously and search for content from accounts they follow. It also includes a story magnet feature, which lets you save a specific story to your device for future reference. The free version of BlindStory has certain restrictions, so you must purchase a premium subscription if you want to use all its features.

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram.

Anonymous Stories Viewer Pro for Instagram is a simple yet powerful tool for users who want to view stories without giving away their real names or personal information. It’s free to download and works on any system, including iOS and Android. It also offers advanced sorting and downloading features. You can start using it for free and upgrade to a paid plan if you want unlimited access to your friends’ stories.

You can view your friend’s Instagram stories in full size by downloading this app. All you need to do is type their username into the application. This tool does not require an Instagram account; you can view any public Instagram account in just a few seconds. You can also share the stories on other social media platforms.


Gramster is an anonymous Instagram story viewer, and it has many valuable features. It’s free to download, has over a hundred thousand downloads on Google Play, and offers a secure environment to download and watch stories. It even allows users to set up notifications for new accounts. Users can also download videos and photos.

It works in the same way as it would on a smartphone. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can follow the instructions on the app’s page to use it. You’ll need an Android emulator installed on your PC, like MemuPlay.

The app lets you watch Instagram stories anonymously and download pictures and videos. You can also set notifications, so you’re not bombarded with new stories. You can also set up a favorite list to keep track of your favorite stories. This will make finding the content you want easier when you’re done.


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