If you are writing guest posts continuously as part of outreach, you may sometimes work on posts that look and feel similar to your competition. However, that will not fetch you the rankings you aim for. That’s when you should switch to these tips offered by content marketing company in India. It can help you create posts that are original and loved by your audience. These tips can help you improve conversion rates with the posts.

  1. Write for their Audience

You have chosen the website where you will be sharing your guest post work. Together you have decided the topic on which you will be writing. It is now time to look into their audience. Know what kind of posts the website has written, which ones have gained maximum traction, and how people consume words on this site.

With the right mix of research and a little bit of understanding of their posts, you will know the audience better. It will help you craft the content accordingly. 

  1. Know their Branding Statement

It is very important for you to determine the positioning of the blog/website for which you are writing the piece. You should align your content to suit their branding requirements. They have built a niche and struggled a lot to create the thought leadership standing in the market. With the right content, you can improve their standing. From the tone to the overall make and feel of the blog, everything should be aligned to their branding. 

If they are into professional writing methods, you should make sure that you maintain the tone. Similarly, if you feel the tone is too casual, you need to include that in your content. If you aren’t too sure, you can drop a mail to the author to know more about the guidelines, if they aren’t already added to the website. 

  1. Sync it to their Format

Every blog has a pre-defined format. For example, there would be websites that believe that a blog without images cannot be considered. similarly, for certain websites there is a minimum word count that you need to provide.

It should be part of the guidelines that they send you. It is very important for you to study those guidelines and make a complete copy of them in your mind while writing.

You should not miss a single point from their format, while you are working on the piece. It will help them believe you have actually studied what they wanted. 

It is equally important to look into the tacit guidelines like you cannot mimic their authors or you should submit original content. Make sure to use content quality checker guidelines to see if you have met their format and style. 

  1. Create Sticky Content

When people read the content, they want information that can help them with their day-to-day activities. However, if your content is plain fluff and no material, they would move away from you.  

It is important to create something that will stick to their mind. An article that gives away tips to do something is an excellent way to improve engagement. you can use how-to articles to deliver more impressions for the blog.

If you write effective, compelling and insightful pieces they will definitely engage more. You are likely to see more traffic in this case. It will also showcase you as experts in the domain, which will eventually help you gain more audience. 

Your ultimate aim is to offer guidance, and compel them to take an action after the content. It could be as simple as downloading the ebook or filling out a contact form. 

  1. It’s Never About You

The first thing you need to be clear, according to content marketing services in India, is that a guest post is never about you. It is more about what you can offer. So, never try to write a guest post to sell a book or a service. Try to sell an information or an educational aspect. This will interest them more than plain marketing material.

When you remove yourself from the article, you will see a better picture one that will help you create the guest post. 

It is a good idea to partner with an expert content marketing company that can write guest posts on your behalf and reach out to the multiple websites. With the right partner, you can market your business better.


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