Mesh Belt Dryer

A mesh belt dryer is a continuous production box-type drying equipment that is used to dry materials with a high permeability. This type of dryer is made of stainless steel or non-metallic material and is typically 20-100mm thick. It is mostly used to dry finished briquettes, although it can be used for a variety of other purposes, including de-watering vegetable, shredded coconut stuffing, monosodium glutamate, acryl fibre, and other materials.

Conveyor mesh belt dryer is suitable for drying materials with high degree of permeability

The mesh belt dryer is a continuous flow drying equipment that is suitable for processing granular, flake, or briquette materials. Because of its high evaporation strength and high temperature resistance, the conveyor mesh belt dryer can be used to dry a wide range of materials with varying degrees of moisture content. This equipment is also ideal for dehydrating granular and flakes of food, traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, and other products.

It is a continuous production box-type drying equipment

A mesh belt dryer is an ordinary continuous-production drying equipment with a wide range of applications in food, chemicals, electronics, construction materials and other industries. It is an ideal drying equipment for many kinds of materials, including vegetables, herbs, fruits and various finished balls. It is equipped with air supply ducts and temperature controls to ensure a stable and uniform drying process. This equipment is energy-saving and meets national standards for environmental protection.

It is environmentally friendly

A mesh belt dryer is an energy-efficient continuous flow drying equipment. It is suitable for drying granular, strip, and flake materials with a high moisture content. This equipment is highly efficient and has an excellent evaporation rate. Its continuous operation allows users to produce large amounts of dried products with minimal loss in color, nutrition, and sturdiness. There are various types of mesh belt dryers, with different levels of evaporation intensity.

It is cost-effective

The Mesh belt dryer is a cost-effective, energy-saving, and environment-protecting equipment used for drying a variety of materials. Its heating and cooling systems are energy-efficient, and its multi-stage dust-collecting equipment complies with national standards for environmental protection. The energy-efficient, high-speed, and low-pressure air supply ensure an even distribution of heat and moisture throughout the entire drying chamber.

It is energy-saving

The mesh belt dryer is an energy-saving, fast drying equipment with a high production efficiency. It is mainly used for drying materials with low final moisture content, such as fruit, vegetable, herb, and cassava chips. The main heating modes include hot air and steam heating. The energy-saving design makes it a green equipment that can help reduce the environmental impact. There are various advantages of this equipment, including high production efficiency, labor saving, and environmental protection.


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