Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a widely used non-medical treatment for boosting the natural healing process in the human body. It was first introduced in the United States during the 20th century; however, later experts started recommending it for treating decompression sickness associated with scuba diving. In the present scenario, HBOT protocol is preferred and supervised in wellness, and spa centers. Many people even prefer to buy HBOT chambers for their homes to enjoy personal use.

HBOT involves putting users in pure oxygen conditions under a high-pressure chamber so that the oxygen content in their blood can be improved. It can be used to improve wound healing, fight infections and increase the supply of oxygen to areas with compromised blood flow levels in the body. There are so many interesting things to know about HBOT; the article below may help you to boost your knowledge about this non-medical wellness solution.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

HBO therapy is performed inside a closed chamber with high oxygen levels under controlled atmospheric pressure. While undergoing this therapy, a person is allowed to breathe in pure oxygen levels inside a pressurized room or chamber. HBO therapy is widely used for patients that are experiencing tissue hypoxia or low oxygen supply to some damaged tissues.

It is possible to give HBO therapy via multiplace hyperbaric chamber arrangements that can accommodate multiple users together. On the other side, monoplace chambers or single occupancy chambers can serve only one user at a time. They are widely recommended non-medical devices for ensuring enhanced well-being for users.

What to expect during HBO Therapy?

Studies reveal that the tissues inside the human body require a consistent flow of oxygen to function well. Furthermore, additional oxygen content can also help the damaged tissues to heal fast. The experts who work in the field of HBO believe that high-pressure oxygen can improve tissue functioning while increasing their abilities to fight infections under various conditions.

These chambers are known to have three times higher ambient pressure in comparison to the ones in which people generally breathe. This pure oxygen breathing process at controlled pressure increase oxygen concentration in the lungs by almost 3 times.

HBOT is mainly a simple procedure but if you are a beginner, it must be done in the presence of an expert only. Once you have become familiar with the idea and the process, you can even buy best hyperbaric chamber for home use. People that are experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning may require only one session to heal; however, some other conditions may require a higher number of sessions.

During these sessions, the user may be asked to wear a special type of gown and they have to lie or sit inside a sealed chamber to receive pressurized oxygen. It is possible to listen to some music or watch TV to improve relaxation during this therapy.

What HBOT is used to treat?

There is a variety of body conditions that can be managed with Oxyhelp HBO therapy. A few of them are listed below to boost your knowledge base and help you make a confident decision about this effective and innovative approach:

  • Reduce inflammation & swelling

HBO therapy involves putting the user in an oxygen-rich environment. The idea is to boost blood flow while ensuring that nutrient-rich blood can reach inflamed and swollen tissues. HBO therapy can help to improve some serious inflammation and swelling conditions of the users.

  • Improve immune system function

The presence of rich oxygen in the Oxyhelp HBOT chamber can boost the effectiveness and efficiency of the natural immune response of the human body. Laboratory trials show that HBOT can cure autoimmune symptoms such as lymphadenopathy and erythema in some conditions.

  • Regrow nerve cells and fight pain

Several people experience chronic nerve pains and this condition is widely recognized as neuropathy. People that are experiencing vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, or carpal tunnel syndrome, are at high risk due to poor circulation of blood. HBOT can improve the healing process of the body while reducing neuropathy symptoms.

  • Assist wound healing

Open wounds among athletes can sometimes suppress their immune system and can be serious for their field performance as well. Many times, these wounds become resistant to traditional care procedures. In such situations, HBOT can enhance extra oxygen circulation to the affected area so that the healing outcomes can be enhanced.

  • Boost athletic performance

HBO therapy can aid the performance of athletes with a fast tissue recovery process. Several studies reveal that HBOT can circulate renewed energy into the body and therefore, Oxyhelp is known to provide considerable mental and physical boost to athletes. There is no need to increase your caffeine intake to stay active in the field all day long; HBOT can automatically manage favorable outcomes.

  • Better endurance

Endurance makes it difficult to handle the daily ups and downs of life. Experts state that when a person is fatigued and exhausted, breathing in clean oxygen can make them feel relaxed. Oxyhelp chambers are a way to give an enhanced boost to the physical and mental stamina with pure oxygen circulation.

  • Improve sleep quality

Several people in the world are experiencing sleep issues and it further decays the energy levels of their body. The HBOT chambers are designed to improve sleeping outcomes so that the user’s body can heal and revive to handle the daily challenges of life. When you wake up in the oxyhelp chambers, they can bring you better energy levels due to deeper sleep.

In comparison to several other skincare and well-being procedures, Oxyhelp is known to provide a healing effect from within. This natural care therapy can be used to avail numerous benefits at a holistic level. Several skincare clinics, wellness centers, and hyperbaric spas consider integrating hyperbaric oxygen therapy into their therapy plans. This therapy can help you reverse aging conditions with deep skin rejuvenation, reduced scar formation, increased skin elasticity, and better skin complexion. Other than this, HBOT chambers can be used for personal needs at home to enhance mental and physical well-being.


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