A water ionizer adjusts the pH of the water to make it alkaline and increases its antioxidant potential. The hydrogen machine produces a small amount rather than alkalizing water but produces some molecular hydrogen. Both machines claim the same health benefits. Research shows there is a difference. Hydrogen water (also known as hydrogenated water) doesn’t neutralize acidity.

Hydrogen water is a mixture of regular water and hydrogen gas. According to some resources adding hydrogen gas to water will increase its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s believed to have the ability to increase energy and slow down aging.

Manufacturers sell hydrogen water with the gas already added to it. Hydrogen water tablets are also available. Drop one of these tablets into a glass full of water to add gas.

Current research regarding the health benefits associated with hydrogen water is very limited. It is important to continue research to verify these findings.

How Do Hydrogen Machines And Water Ionizers Work?

Water ionizers and hydrogen water machinesuse electro dialysis to generate healthy water. Both machines run water over platinum-coated titanium plates, which are separated by a membrane. This is how they produce their water. The only difference between a hydrogen machine and a water ionizer is the type of membrane used to separate the plates.

Water-ionizer — Bidirectional Ion membrane

Hydrogen machine – Unidirectional Proton exchange membrane

A water ionizer’s bidirectional-ion-permeable, bidirectional membrane permits ions – charged particles to pass through it in either direction. The alkaline isotopes flow towards the alkaline and hydrolyze the water molecules to form the antioxidant and small amounts of molecular hydrogen.

A hydrogen machine’s non-directional proton exchange Membranes allow positively charged hydrogen ions, which are attracted to negatively charged plates, to cross to the membrane. The hydrogen ions then react with each other to make small amounts of molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen machines can’t create antioxidant hydroxyl Ions.

Which Water Is Better For Your Health, Hydrogen Or Antioxidant Alkaline Waters?

Antioxidant alkaline water has the edge. It has acidity-fighting alkalinity, which hydrogen water lacks. According to laboratory research, alkaline water is more antioxidant than hydrogen water. Lab research has not shown that alkaline water has superior antioxidant effects over hydrogen water. This is because antioxidant alkaline water does not contain much molecular H.

Hydrogen Water’s Health Benefits

Experts believe hydrogen water may offer some benefits. Experts are still determining if they’re better than regular water. A great way of staying healthy is to stay hydrated.

Many medical experts agree that more research is required to determine and verify any hydrogen water benefits. Based on preliminary research, these are potential health advantages:

Hydrogen Water: Potential Health Benefits

Experts believe hydrogen water may offer some health benefits. However, experts don’t think hydrogen water has more benefits than regular water. Staying hydrated is an excellent way to remain healthy.

Many medical experts agree that additional research is required to determine or verify the potential benefits of hydrogen water. Based on preliminary research, these are possible health benefits.

Hydrogen water is thought to increase energy, reduce inflammation, and reduce recovery time following workouts.

A study of ten soccer players concluded that drinking hydrogen water might help reduce muscle fatigue. Further research is required.


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