What is the thickness of beams for aluminium ute canopy

Whenever you are trying to upgrade the look and working ability of your UTE, there are so many accessories for you to give out a try and canopy is one of them. It is more like an additional space on your UTE trailer, and you can have anything from storage units to racks and more. So, whether you are an avid camper or need to carry construction tools with you, canopy will offer the ultimate space and keep your items organised.

Furthermore, with enough space inside the aluminium ute canopy, you don’t have to bother worrying about moving your construction tools in and out of your warehouse whenever you are done at the end of the day. Keep them all locked and safe inside the UTE canopy and you are good.

Aluminium is the best material

In terms of materials, aluminium seems to be the most promising canopy material to go on your UTE. It is true that when compared to steel, aluminium is pretty light in weight. So, that means the canopy won’t add too much pressure on our UTE car or truck and you won’t lose much fuel money!

Dealing with the beams

Now to help the canopy stand erect on the UTE vehicles for a long time and to withstand the harsh weather conditions, these products need to focus on the beams. So, dealing with the thickness of canopy beams is of utmost necessity.

·         Always remember that depending on the size of the aluminium ute canopy you have chosen, the thickness of its beam will vary big time.

·         For example, you need a thicker beam to hold extra weight if you are going for a bigger canopy.

·         On the other hand, if you are looking for a smaller and standard canopy version, then a basic beam thickness is enough to cover.

·         In case you are looking for a steel beam then that will add more weight to the vehicle. It even consists of plate I section or hot rolled I beam or angle truss SHS tubes as per the design.

·         There are some secondary purlins with them, which are cold formed galvanised Z sections or there are galvanised C sections with around 275 GSM galvanisations on both the sides.

Remember to check in with the best centre, offering not just canopies but also focusing on the beam thickness. Ozi4*4 has all the solutions for you.


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