Universal Travel Pass

As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic affected the world, traveling turned into a very precious commodity and activity as people were not allowed to leave their countries and travel to other places because of the virus. The virus and the pandemic made it impossible for people to travel to other places as countries established different restrictions on travel and only allowed traveling if the reason was serious and important. However, as more and more people are getting vaccinated with different vaccines, countries have lifted travel bans and it is getting easier for people to travel from one place to another. The Universal Travel Pass is a step in the same direction as it enables traveling easier for people and in the blog, we are going to tell you everything that is important about the past. 

What is the Universal Travel Pass? 

Launched by the Government of Maharashtra, this travel pass has been adopted by the central government and can be used all across the country if you register for it. The QR-based pass has 5 levels and is launched by the Maharashtra government to make traveling easy for people across the country. The pass ensures restriction-free travel at all public places across the country and if you are above 18 then, you can easily apply for this pass. However, for Universal travel pass online registration, it is important that you have taken both shots of the vaccine and are completely vaccinated. 

With the help of the pass, you can enter all the public places like Public transport, airports, offices, railway stations, and malls. The pass also makes interstate travel easy for Indian residents. 

What are the Major Objectives of the Universal Travel Pass?

The government of Maharashtra has certain targets and objectives in mind when they launched the use of this pass and it was definitely conveyed to the Central Government as they also accepted the pass for use. The pass was launched to fulfill these objectives:

  • To ensure safe travel across the country even during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Makes sure that all educational and medical facilities are provided to all during dire times.
  • The QR-based pass makes it easy for travel and booking to remain contactless hence, there is less chance of people getting the virus. 
  • You do not need to carry any physical proof of being vaccinated as well as infection free when you are traveling with the pass.
  • The pass also ensures that people do not use Fake IDs when they travel during the pandemic. 
  • You do not need to complete the RT-PCR test if you are traveling interstate with the help of the pass. 

What is the Information Required for the Pass?

You need to successfully register yourself to get the pass and after that, you need to complete Universal Travel Pass login. There are certain details that you need to input when you register for the pass and if you are also interested in registering for the pass then, make sure that you have the required documents. You will need the following things for the pass:

  • Name of the applicant
  • Gender of the applicant
  • Age of the applicant
  • Travel category level
  • Picture of the application
  • QR code
  • A government-issued ID of the beneficiary
  • Date mentioning the successful vaccination of both doses of the applicant

Who can Register for the Universal Travel Pass?

You only need to be a citizen of India who has taken both shots of the vaccine to apply for the pass. However, remember that only people above the age of 18 can apply for this travel pass.

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