Deep Tissue Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is often used as an alternative to soft tissue massage, and it’s known to be effective in treating muscle pain and stiff joints due to injuries or overuse. However, many people who undergo deep tissue massage find that it leaves them feeling a bit strange, both immediately after the treatment and hours later, even into the next day. Why does this happen? Here are some reasons why you may feel weird after receiving deep tissue massage services and what you can do about it.

There are two muscles groups used in this kind of massage

Deep tissue massage involves two muscle groups: superficial and deep. A full body massage will take care of both muscles groups. The strokes in deep tissue massages vary from firm to extra-firm, depending on what you are comfortable with and your needs as a client. Firm strokes help release tension in deeper muscle fibers while softer, more gentle touches can soothe and relax sore or tight muscles.  But it’s not just about getting rid of pain! For example, Swedish full body massage is a popular option for those who want an all-over relaxation without any pressure. Whether you need relief from physical discomfort or just want to be pampered for an hour, I have the perfect massage for you!

Post-massage soreness is usually limited to these areas

This feeling of full-body soreness after a deep tissue massage is actually pretty common. The pressure applied to deep muscle knots during the session can cause soreness in muscles and joints, but this feeling will likely go away after a day or two as your body adjusts to the sensation. In most cases, deep tissue massage causes less soreness than other styles of massage like Swedish massage or myofascial release. On the other hand, some people might experience more discomfort with deep tissue massage due to their sensitivity or if they have an underlying injury. The best way to know how you’ll react is by booking an appointment for your first deep tissue session! You’ll be able to see firsthand how your body responds and if it’s something you want to continue having done on an ongoing basis.

The pain feels like an extreme muscle strain

I have tried out massage services like massages and full body massages before. They always made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, so I wanted to try out this deep tissue massage. I liked it at first, but there was one spot on my back near my neck and head which was really sore after. It felt like an extreme muscle strain – not painful, but like something in there was stuck in a knot of muscle and needed to be stretched out or worked out. It lasted for about three days until the pain had gone away completely.

The pain can be described as electricity running through the muscle

Full body massage services can cause an electricity-like pain through one or more muscle groups. This type of pain is usually used to reduce chronic pain and swelling or loosen tense muscles. These injuries typically come from sporting accidents, car accidents, or other incidents that result in traumatic impact.

Once you’ve had your massage session, these muscle contractions will return to their normal state and any severe pain should also be gone. Other symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, blurred vision and low blood pressure are rare because they don’t happen after every deep tissue massage session. And while your first few sessions may not have any negative side effects whatsoever; there is always the possibility for this feeling of weirdness after a deep tissue massage.

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