Which Kind of E-cig Lasts the Longest

Unlike traditional cigarettes, usage of e-cigs varies from one another. In cigarettes, almost every type of cigarette, each in a pack lasts as long as the other. While e-cigarettes there are many different elements in an e-cigarette considers. So its life depends upon dab tool several factors. Before looking into the details that what are those factors, first, let’s understand what it means for how long an e-cigarette last.

An e-cigarette device lasts means how long one can use the device, which is because of some factors, including the number of puffs, the battery life, and the durability it provides. It is also referred that what is the life of an e-cigarette. These features vary from vape to vape, including both types of vapes.

However, disposable vape devices like Elux legend are also included in this contest, the device type doesn’t matter when doing the comparison to identify and declare the most long-lasting devices. Solely these are the factors that determine the device’s reliability and life. Now let’s look into the details of all factors that are considered.

●   The number of puffs an e-cigarette provides:

The number of puffs an e-cigarette provides is the primary and top thing a vaper considers while estimating or measuring how long it will last. The quantity of puffs defines how many times a person can breathe the vapour of the vape device. This follows by both kinds of e-cigarette disposable vapes like Elux legend 3500 puffs as well as reusable vapes.

Usually, the number of puffs in e-cigarettes varies from device to device, depending on its type and brand.

●   Battery life:

It’s as significant as the number of puffs in an e-cigarette. The battery life is like a heart in a vape; as a heart pumps the blood in the human body, the battery supplies charge to the vape so it can operate. The capacity of the battery of a vape measures in milliamps × hours (mAH).

As long as the battery is running the vape device will last. If the battery expires sooner, it means the vape you chose hasn’t had a long life. Notably disposable vapes also have durable batteries, depending on the brand.

●   The durability of the device body:

There are thousands of different vapes with various shapes and structures. Many shapes as a cylinder, or a tank, while other vapes resemble multiple forms. Despite that, shape contributes to the design and look of the vape how a vape device looks, including good or bad, doesn’t play any role in the body’s quality of the device. Significantly, many disposable vapes come with a good device body.

The quality of the body depends upon the sustainability of the device. So if you’re looking to have a strong and rigid vape, don’t judge it by how it longs rather than examine it by holding it in your hand. You can check by pressing the vape’s body, and you may also ask the experts known to you available in the market.


An e-cigarette device lasts as long as its features allow it to be. If a device has fewer puffs included, it will obviously be consumable for as much time as its puffs left. In the contest that “which e-cigarette lasts for the longest”, there are some features that must be considered.

Have that being mentioned, the characteristics included, battery life, e-liquid capacity, coil durability, and of course the number of puffs, plus a few other factors. Regardless of the vape type, disposable vapes or reusable vapes, all characteristics mentioned above count. If you’re one of those who strive to find the best product, it is highly recommended that you consider visiting this. (Link).


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