Who Can File Khula in Pakistan:

 If you want to know who can file khula in Pakistan from law firms Pakistan, Only wife or her attorney can file it. If the husband fails to make an application for divorce, the decree of dissolution of marriage is issued immediately. The responsibility for proof rests with the husband to show that the marriage is not invalid for who can file khula in Pakistan from law firms Pakistan.


“Impotency” refers to the inability to complete the marriage. The marriage is concluded through sexual intimacy. A relationship is an event that which the male performs the role of an active partner while the female performs as an inactive one. Impotence in relation to males means that there is no erection from the organ of males or erection, but no penetration of it into the female body. Impotency can be mental or physical for who can file khula in Pakistan from law firms Pakistan.

Examples of Physical Impotency include:

Inability to erection when sexual desire exists but the force of erection is too weak to be impossible. This is known as ‘bridegroom’s impotence. Homosexuality. Homosexuals, as well as those suffering from sexual perversions, are usually incapable of co-creating with normal partners and even if they are a fan of and admire their partner.

Law Firms Pakistan:

These people for who can file khula in Pakistan from law firms Pakistan are usually ineligible when it comes to the opposite gender. II) Penis is absent. IV) Defects or malformations of the male organs, such as, for instance, the demise or the absence of both testicles The penis is bent when an erection; tumors on or close to the penis, elephantiasis in the genitals, a urethral construction that is tight and causes bleeding of semen upon the erection has slowed down instead of ejaculation when an erection occurs, unusual or extremely small size of the penis elongated phimosis, and hydrocele.

Physical ineptitude:

The physical ineptitude of a person could be one of two kinds: absolute and relative for who can file khula in Pakistan from law firms Pakistan. Absolute means that the individual is not in relation to all other persons. It is universal and complete. In the case of impotence relative, the man can be impervious to a specific woman but not to others. The mental or psychological inability to control results in an uncontrollable resistance to relations, whether generally or with a particular person. It could result from many factors: anxiety, excessive sensitivities or an uncontrollable dislike. In Gulam Mohd. Khan In Gulam Mohd. Khan.

Dissolution of Marriage:

Hasina, the wife, sought to dissolve of marriage on account of the husband’s inability to perform. The husband brought an application to the court to obtain an order to prove his sexual potency. The court for who can file khula in Pakistan from law firms Pakistan granted him the right to prove his potency. The husband presented a certificate from the Medical Board that he was capable and potent enough to conduct sexual intimacy. The court ordered that the husband be re-examined by a different Medical Board The husband opted to appeal against the decision.


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