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 If the hot stone massage is synonymous with well-being and a moment of relaxation for the client, it is generally one of the most complicated massages. Indeed, this type of care requires a certain organization. Whether during the preparation before the massage, when the masseur must ensure that the stones are effectively heated to the right temperature, or after the treatment when he must clean them. To help you better prepare or simply advise you on the right equipment or the different techniques for heating the stones. We have prepared a series of articles on hot stone massage, also known as natural stone massage.

Are your hot stones or basalt massage stones clean and bacteria-free? In the “new normal” post-Covid-19, special attention is paid to impeccable hygiene, especially during the massage. We want our clients to feel safe, cared for, and clean, even during a hot stone massage.

How often should hot massage stones be cleaned?

Without exception, hot stones should be cleaned after each use on a client. The stones should be cleaned after each use, whether for a therapeutic massage, facial, pedicure, manicure, or reflexology.

Some therapists prefer deep cleaning the stones once a day or a week (this also depends on how often the stones are used).

How do you clean hot massage stones?

As a professional, you should clean the stones in hot water with an antibacterial agent after each use. The stones should then be rinsed with hot water, dried on a towel, and sprayed with a disinfectant containing alcohol.

The water in the heater should be replaced after each use, and the reservoir should be cleaned with water and antibacterial soap. Then also, rinse the inner tank and spray it with disinfectant. If you use an additional mat or towel to increase the contrast between the stones and the inner tank, you must replace it with a clean mat or towel after each use.

If you want to clean marble stones (cold stones), wash them in hot water with an antibacterial detergent, rinse them, let them dry for a while, and spray them with an alcohol-containing disinfectant.

Which massage oil to use during a hot stone massage?

If you use the right massage oil during a hot stone massage, you will find that the stones and the hot stone heater are much easier to clean. As a general rule, avoid using creams, lotions, gels, or heavy-base oils like jojoba. If you use these products, you will find that they adhere more easily to the stones, which makes them more difficult to clean. The best thing you can do as a masseur is to use natural, lightweight massage oil, like Verana Massage Oil.

Some professionals think that if they don’t put the stones back in the water, they don’t need to change the water every time. It’s not a good idea. Every time you put your hand in the water, you pollute it. Also, warm water is ideal for bacteria to grow, especially if the water is stagnant. It is, therefore, necessary to refresh the water in the water heater after each treatment.

Fast and effective hot stone cleaning

Cleaning the hot stones/massage stones and the hot stone heating takes a long time. In practice, we often hear: “I don’t have enough time between two clients to clean the stones, disinfect them and change the water in the water heater.” In this case, consider the price of your treatment carefully because every client deserves to have clean stones on their body from clean water and heat hygienically. Also, you don’t want to be on the conscience that one of your clients gets an infection because you didn’t perform hygienically during a hot stone massage. Therefore, be sure to take the time to properly clean the materials.

There are several ways to save time between treatments, such as buying a second set of hot stones and/or a heater. Although this method may be a bit expensive for a small practice, it is convenient and effective. You can also use a fast-acting alcohol sanitizer and allow more time between treatments.

Another common problem is that professionals find that the stones take too long to heat up. A good solution is to wash the stones with hot water and also fill the tank with hot water. This will quickly warm the stones because the core of the basalt rock is still hot.

We do not recommend the use of an oxidizing agent. Using this agent in the water tank may be corrosive to the skin and will not remove skin particles from previous customers.

Thoroughly cleaning the massage stones and the heater takes time. Still, several solutions to do this more efficiently, such as using an alcohol-based disinfectant, cleaning with hot water, and possibly buying a box of additional massage stones.

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