Goblin Slayer is a newcomer anime that has taken the internet by storm. The show, which is based on a light novel series of the same name, tells the story of a lone adventurer who hunts goblins and other creatures known to cause mischief in the kingdom. What makes this show so popular? Some say it’s the dark and gritty setting, while others appreciate the complex characters and their development. But one of the most curious aspects of Goblin Slayer is that, despite being the title character, his face remains hidden throughout the entire series.¬†

Why would the author choose to obscure the protagonist’s identity in such a way? Let’s take a closer look at what makes Goblin Slayer so unique and why his face remains hidden from view.

The author’s opinion on why Goblin Slayer’s face is hidden

Goblin Slayer’s face is hidden for a number of reasons. First, it provides him with a degree of anonymity, which can be useful when operating in secret. Second, it prevents others from reading his emotions, giving him an advantage in negotiations and combat. Finally, it reinforces the Goblin Slayer’s persona as a mystery figure, someone who is not to be trifled with. By hiding his face, Goblin Slayer creates an aura of intimidation that can be useful in getting the upper hand in any situation.

The possible reasons for this creative decision by the anime’s creators

Goblin Slayer has been an incredibly popular anime, and part of what makes it so unique is the Goblin Slayer’s face. The anime’s creators have made the decision to never show the Goblin Slayer’s face, which has led to much speculation among fans. There are a few possible reasons for this creative decision. First, it adds to the Goblin Slayer’s mystique. He is a mysterious figure who always seems to be one step ahead of his enemies. By keeping his face hidden, the Goblin Slayer becomes even more enigmatic. Second, it helps to heighten the suspense of the show.

Viewers are always wondering what the Goblin Slayer looks like, and this sense of mystery keeps them engaged. Finally, it allows the Goblin Slayer to represent all Goblin Slayers out there. He is a symbol of hope for those who are fighting against overwhelming odds. By never revealing his face, the Goblin Slayer becomes a stand-in for all those who are fighting their own battles against evil.

How it adds to the overall mystery and intrigue of the show

Goblin Slayer is an anime that follows the story of a young man who has dedicated his life to slaying goblins. One of the things that makes Goblin Slayer unique is its use of CGI for the goblin faces. This gives the goblins a creepy, otherworldly look that helps to create a sense of suspense and fear. It also adds to the overall mystery and intrigue of the show, as viewers are left wondering what exactly these creatures are and where they come from. Goblin Slayer’s use of CGI is just one of the many ways that it sets itself apart from other anime in its genre.

Some of the fan theories that have arisen as a result of Goblin Slayer’s mysterious appearance

Some of the fan theories that have arisen as a result of Goblin Slayer’s mysterious appearance include the theory that he is actually a goblin himself. This theory is based on the fact that Goblin Slayer always seems to be one step ahead of the goblins, and that he sometimes seems to understand their language.

Another theory is that Goblin Slayer is actually a human who has been cursed by the goblins, and that his mission is to exterminate them all in order to lift the curse. Whatever the truth may be, Goblin Slayer’s true identity remains a mystery, and fans can only speculate about his past.

The author’s thoughts on which of these fan theories are most likely to be correct

There are many fan theories about popular books and movies, and it’s always fun to speculate which ones might be true. However, it’s important to remember that fan theories are just that – theories. They are not necessarily based on any concrete evidence, and they are often contradicted by later developments in the story. With that said, there are some fan theories that seem more likely than others. For example, many people believe that the Harry Potter character Snape was actually good all along. This theory is supported by Snape’s actions in the later books, as well as by J.K.

Rowling’s statements about the character. Another popular theory is that the character of Rey in Star Wars is actually a Skywalker. This theory is based on clues in the movie, as well as on comments made by director JJ Abrams. While fan theories can be fun to discuss, it’s important to remember that they should not be taken too seriously. In the end, only the author knows for sure what really happened in the story!


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