You may have asked yourself: Why Vehicle Tow is the best towing company for your car? Well, the answer is a combination of factors. You will be able to learn more about their equipment, waiting time, and driving styles from this article. So, why choose a vehicle tow company over a regular towing company? Read on to find out! We will also take a look at the types of vehicles they can tow.

Flatbed tow trucks

A flatbed tow truck is the most commonly used type of tow truck. Flatbeds are ideal for professional vehicle towing because they are easy to use and can load multiple vehicles safely. Their hydraulic lifts and empty space allow them to load and unload a variety of vehicles without causing damage to them or the surrounding area. This type of tow truck is also perfect for luxury cars and antiques.

Flatbed tow trucks can move large machinery. The drivers of professional towing companies know how to load and unload machinery in a safe manner. They are well trained to secure heavy machinery properly and are able to prevent any damage to the machine or its parts. This allows them to move heavy machinery safely and avoid additional damage. Professional towing trucks have the proper equipment to safely load and unload machinery.

Car trailers

The best car trailer is a well-built, powder-coated aluminum car hauler. It features an industry-leading GVWR and is lightweight at just over 1,000 pounds. This model also does not require complicated hitches; a standard ball coupler should work just fine. The following are some of the advantages of a car hauler:

The safety of the driver and passengers on the trailer is a primary concern. Make sure the brakes and tires are in working order. Make sure the brake controller is calibrated as well. Check the fasteners on the trailer, as they can loosen under the stresses of towing. Professional truckers also inspect their rigs frequently. Electric brakes on trailers operate through an auxiliary battery. A pull-pin located on the tow vehicle activates the brakes in case of a trailer detaches from the hitch.

If you’re in the business of towing cars, you may wish to consider a tandem-axle car hauler. This type of trailer allows for easy hookup, loading, and storage of your car. Its extra support and weight capacity reduce the chances of a twisted tongue and can prevent accidents. Tow Smart Trailers’ tandem-axle car hauler also offers a better return on investment. Compared to single-axle trailers, tandem-axle car haulers tend to accumulate less wear and tear and fetch higher prices when they are put up for sale.

Wait time

A good professional vehicle towing company will give you an accurate wait time. You don’t want to wait a long time just to get your vehicle back, so it’s a good idea to take valuable items out of your pockets or under the car seat. This includes any insurance information and your personal belongings. It’s also a good idea to have all of your important documents available, such as your license, insurance papers, and car insurance information.

A professional vehicle towing service will always be there for you when you need them. They will also have short response times, so your car will be towed quickly. When you’re waiting for a tow truck, you’ll want to make sure the driver can contact you quickly and clearly. Professional vehicle towing services will typically have a twenty-four-hour customer service center. This way, they’ll be able to get to you faster and prevent you from having to wait as long.


Professional vehicle towing services use heavy-duty tow trucks for situations where a standard truck can’t handle the situation. Professional towing equipment is larger and stronger to offer boosted recovery options and pulling power. Specialized towing equipment allows towing companies to provide comprehensive service to customers, including damage-free towing. Here are some of the benefits of towing equipment. These include boosted recovery options, high-powered towing capabilities, and under-reach technology.

There are various kinds of towing equipment, including chains, winches, and other tools. There are also different grades of chains available, ranging from Grade 40 to Grade 120. In addition to the basic types of towing equipment, there are various accessories that are used by towing services. These include (a) winch, which is used to access a vehicle from off the road; and (b) winch-out equipment. In addition to car bearers, the towing vehicles are equipped with braking systems that allow drivers to operate brakes on the towed vehicle.


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