There are many ways to clean your windows. But there is one way that stand out from the rest – window washing. There can be various reasons why window cleaning is so famous in Sweden but it might have something to do with Sweden’s mild climate and deep snow during winter. Come take a look and find out


Window cleaning is one of the most popular household tasks in Sweden. Swedes believe that it’s essential to clean windows every week to keep the home clean and fresh-looking.

There are many reasons why window cleaning is so popular in Sweden.

  • First, Swedes take great pride in their homes and want them to look their best.
  • Second, Swedes are often busy and don’t have time to spend on cleaning tasks themselves.
  • Finally, Swedish weather is usually very clean and free from debris, so window cleaning is a perfect way to keep the home looking tidy.

Who does window cleaning in Sweden?

Sweden is known for their cleanliness and window cleaning is one of the main ways that Swedes keep their homes and businesses clean.

Window cleaners are well-known and respected in Sweden, and many households have a personal window cleaner who comes twice a week to clean the windows.

How much does window cleaning cost?

When it comes to fönsterputsning Stockholm (Window cleaning Stockholm) is known for its high-quality service. In fact, window cleaning is so famous here that the country has its very own professional window cleaning association!

However, even though the cost of window cleaning here may be high, it’s definitely worth it – because a sparkling clean window not only looks great, but also helps to improve air quality inside homes. Plus, who doesn’t love a view of sparkling clean windows from their vantage point?

So if you’re looking for a quality window cleaning service that won’t break your bank, then you’ll definitely want to check out Sweden’s top pros!

Vanishing windows

Window cleaning is one of the most famous Swedish industries. According to a study by the Swedish Window Cleaning Association, window cleaning is the most popular service in Sweden.

The industry employs around 16,000 people and generates annual revenue of around 3 billion kronor.

Window cleaning is so famous in Sweden because it is one of the few services that can be performed by independent contractors without any need for prior experience or training. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to start their own business.

The popularity of window cleaning also owes a lot to the fact that it is a very easy service to perform. All you need are some basic tools and a willingness to work hard. Plus, Swedes are particularly fond of cleanliness and they value having windows that look tidy and sparkling.

Cleaning industry Despite its popularity, there are still some challenges facing the window cleaning industry in Sweden.

 For example, there is growing competition from other cleaning services such as home maintenance and carpet cleaning, as well as from new technologies such as drones and robotic vacuum cleaners.

However, these challenges appear to be slowly being overcome by the window cleaning industry as more and more Swedes decide to invest in this convenient and affordable service.

Window cleaning procedures

Window cleaning Stockholm is so famous in Sweden, in fact, that it is one of the most popular services provided by professional cleaners. The main reason for this popularity is the fact that window cleaning is a very efficient way to clean both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Not only does it remove all the dirt and debris, but it also removes any pollen or other allergens that may be present. Additionally, window cleaning is a gentle process that does not damage any of the surfaces it is used on.

 Famous Service

Window cleaning is one of the most famous services in Sweden. The reason for this is that the Swedish climate is very clean, and people often leave their windows open to let in fresh air.

There are many companies that offer window cleaning services in Sweden, but the two biggest companies are Swenson and JAS. Both companies have many years of experience in the industry, and they are known for providing high quality service at a fair price.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can provide you with top-quality window cleaning services, then you should definitely contact either of these two companies. Window cleaning is so popular in Sweden that it’s often said that Swedes can’t live without their annual window clean.

Healthy Life Style

 Swedish windows are often very clean, thanks to the frequent use of air purifiers and a generally healthy lifestyle. It seems that Swedes have learned the benefits of keeping their indoor environment clean, even if they don’t live near a nature reserve.


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