As a Netflix member, you have both ups and downs, but what really matters is what matters. In my opinion, its ups are much higher than its downs. Specifically, I enjoy being able to watch more movies than I have ever experienced.

So Is it really that big of a deal? How come Netflix is so popular? Consider these 10 great reasons to join if you’re thinking about joining.

1. The number of movies available on Netflix is staggering

Did you ever walk through a video store for so long that you became frustrated? You want a good movie, can do online shopping but you can’t seem to find one. You can watch the movies you want on Netflix. Simply type a title and search away.

2. It’s easy to use and convenient to use Netflix

No. Rather than going to the video store anymore, movies are delivered to your home. Now that you’ve found the movies you want, what’s the next step? Do nothing! Getting your movies out of your mailbox will take you no more than a minute.

3. Netflix has a low price

It will be much cheaper for you to watch more movies. You would spend a fortune renting all the movies Netflix Pakistan provides at such an affordable price. Thus, you can see as many movies as you wish at a much lower cost.

4. You can try Netflix for 14 days for free

No matter how unsure you are about joining, you can give it a shot for two weeks and see how you like it. You can cancel if it’s not for you, but you’ll see how the process works and how easy it is to download movies.

5. You can download movies from Netflix to your computer

Additionally, you can purchase products that will allow movies to be streamed directly to your TV! You won’t have to wait any longer. Although there is a limited selection (12,000 titles), Netflix is constantly adding more titles. It wouldn’t surprise me if they became the leading online movie download site in the near future.

6. Netflix delivers its services quickly

You’ll usually receive your movie within one day because we have 47 shipping centres in the US. That’s significantly faster than similar services.

7. Movies on Netflix aren’t edited

You’re waiting for that one scene you’ve been told about in a movie you just rented and the movie ends before you get to see it? Don’t you hate it when you rent a movie and don’t get to see that scene? You just saw an edited version of the movie! You won’t have that problem with Netflix. Netflix’s DVDs aren’t edited.

8. Netflix can be seen as a social network

You can think of it as MySpace for movies. Watch what others are watching, connect with other movie lovers, make and receive suggestions, and more. In essence, you get access to millions of other film enthusiasts!

9. Children are taken into account by Netflix

Children can log into Netflix and select movies they want to watch. As their parent, however, you have the power to edit and block access to any type of movie they desire. This will ensure that they do not watch something inappropriate and they can watch the shows they want at the same time.

10. You will not be charged a late fee when you subscribe to Netflix

No, Your movie won’t be ready on time. The one assurance that all movie renters want from Netflix is that late fees will not be charged. The movies can be kept for up to 30 days.

The best movie rental service is Netflix, but there are many other options as well. This should give you a clearer picture of how convenient and fun Netflix can be if you’ve been considering joining. Find out if Netflix can do the job for you… movies could arrive in the mail and in your living room tomorrow.


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