eCommerce mobile app
eCommerce mobile app

Today, the way business owners run their businesses is completely different from how they used to do it. Nowadays, almost every business, regardless of its size and scope, uses one form or another of Internet outreach. Business owners create and launch websites, use social media platforms, provide information through blogs, release online shopping apps, or a mix of all of these. Similarly, an e-commerce business needs an eCommerce mobile app more than anything else to sell products.

People use several popular e-commerce applications to buy products online. Now it is probably the trendiest and most popular of all the Amazon apps. Amazon is the most profitable company in the world and owner Jeff Bezos ended up being the richest person in modern history. Now it’s not about Jeff’s wealth, it’s about the things he did to create a business app that changed the realm of selling products online forever. Today, every entrepreneur who wants to break into the world of e-commerce should try to create an e-commerce app just like Amazon.

Due to the never-ending growth of the technology industry, e-commerce has become the most attractive area of ​​application and web development processes.


Experts believe that mobile devices offer businesses the most effective platform to engage, target and retain customers. In this regard, Amazon is currently the first trillion-dollar company in history. It would not have been possible for the company to achieve such a staggering level of success without the presence of an eCommerce mobile application from various manufacturers.

According to a report, approximately 46% of Amazon Prime users purchase something from Amazon at least once a week via their smartphones. Another report[2] that came out in 2017 claims that Amazon’s multi-vendor e-commerce app is one of the most popular retail apps used by people in the US. Even Reuters[3] reported that Amazon had the highest sales in the holiday season of 2016. They found that 72% of customers made purchases from their mobile devices.

It goes without saying that Amazon sales are a goldmine; or rather, Jeff Bezos worked hard to turn it into a gold mine. His efforts paid off and he became the richest man in modern history and his company became the largest e-commerce business in the world. However, this topic is not about how much Jeff was able to hide in his locker. It’s about how important it is to have an eCommerce mobile app for running an eCommerce business. Jeff Bezos knows that without the Amazon app, Amazon would never have become the trillion-dollar business it is today.

Therefore, it should be completely logical for you to have an app for your e-shop. Here’s how to help you.

Ease of Access to Marketplace

Customers say that using the Magento eCommerce mobile app and web development makes it easier for them to purchase products. A survey conducted showed that 78% of buyers prefer to use a mobile app to buy goods online. The app makes it easier for them to access the e-shop than the website.

Increased average order value:

If you have your own eCommerce store, you can get more sellers to join you in your business and offer a huge range of products to your clients and customers. However, even the best online business apps won’t succeed if the final part of the buying process isn’t simple. To do this, you have to add top payment gateways and keep the layout of your business app as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.

Gaining Loyal Customers:

Experts working with eCommerce mobile app development say that eCommerce mobile apps provide customers with a personalized shopping experience. You can use this aspect by collecting and analyzing your customers’ purchase history, user preferences, geographic locations and other customer-related information. These things allow you to provide personalized shopping, which in turn allows you to gain the loyalty of your customers.

Now that you know why your e-commerce needs an app like Amazon, you need to figure out how to develop such an app. Here are the key features you need to include.

Market planning and research:

Just like any other business, you should start by analyzing the wants and needs of the customers. When you analyze the patterns and behavior of your target audience, you will be able to make better decisions. Find out what they need based on their age, interests, likes and dislikes and create an online shopping app accordingly.

Competitive Analysis:

After deciding on the types of goods you want to sell, you need to conduct a competitive analysis. Although the world of e-commerce is relatively new, it is now extremely competitive. Competitive analysis will enable you to design your application properly and help you stay one step ahead of your business competitors.

Add Core Features:

This step is easy to understand but can be difficult to execute. Just explore the Amazon shopping app and check the features you need to add. However, you need to be careful because your choices determine the future scope of the application. After all, you should try to make your app better than Amazon.

Platform Choice:

You can choose an Android or iOS app, but it would be better for you to make it available on both platforms.

UX and UI:

You need to make the UX and UI design attractive to attract more customers to your app.

Integration of advanced technologies:

If you want to start a scalable online shopping app store, you should include futuristic technologies. Learn about all the new technological advancements that are available these days and try to implement them in your application.

Keep the registration process simple:

In fact, you need to keep the registration process as simple as possible, otherwise, it will annoy your customers and prevent them from using the app altogether.

Multiple Payment Options: As mentioned earlier, you need to include multiple online payment options in addition to “cash on delivery”.

Notification Options:

Don’t forget to include the push notification option as it is a key element for customer engagement.

Feedback section:

Finally, you need to add a review section so that your customers can use it as a means to contact you in real-time and express their opinion about the product or their overall impression of your business.

To wrap it up

With the above information, you can create an e-commerce app just like Amazon. If you are meticulous about the app development solution, you can even make an app better than Amazon.


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