If you are a proud owner of a fishing boat, you know something about such useful stuff as a trolling motor. It is hard to disagree that a trolling motor is a profoundly useful thing that allows you to manoeuvre your boat easily, almost noiseless. That’s great news for fishermen who understand that keeping silent while fishing is indubitably important for successful hunting. By the way, it is not enough just to have a trolling motor for productive fishing. What is more important is to know how to benefit from the equipment correctly. Here are some tips on how to travel with a trolling motor. More people enjoy watching a video rather than reading, it would be a good content idea to share these tips on visual platforms such as Youtube. For guaranteed results buy youtube subscribers.

Follow the list, and you will succeed in this craft.

1. Understand Which Water Is For You To Swim

An essential component of selecting the right trolling motor is to look for a motor according to your needs. It is vital to remember that saltwater and freshwater your boat swim in require different kinds of motors. In case you choose the wrong motor, it will erode, which could push the motor to its breaking point. As well, pay attention to the size of the boat when buying the motor. In order to avoid any troubles and boat repair during your trip, choose the trolling motor, which suits you the most. 

2. Choose The Battery And Do Not Use Excessive Power

Another important thing for your successful travel with a trolling motor is selecting the right battery system. There are three of them on the market: 12-volt, 24-volt, and 36-volt. If you wish to enjoy travel, try to gain insight into these three battery systems. A 12-volt battery will suit you quite well if you go fishing on the lake or river. It doesn’t take so much space and holds the charge well.

In case you are going fishing somewhere far away, or you have a big fishing boat, you will find 24-volt and 36-volt effective and worthwhile. These batteries have different ways of installation because the 24-volt system includes two 12-volt batteries, and the 36-volt includes three 12-volt batteries. You are sure to cope with installation easily. Keep in mind that using excessive power could be very dangerous for your health and safety. So, be careful with it and choose the battery according to your preferences.

3. Choose The Model And Install It

The wide range of trolling motors on the marketplace makes the process of selection and purchase much easier. The customer has an opportunity to pick any model he/she wants at various prices. But for successful travel, understanding the way of installation and some peculiar features of different trolling motors’ models is extremely valuable.

Look over hand- or foot-controlled motors to choose one. Also, there is a wireless remote on some motors. You should mount the steering mechanism on the bow or to the stern of your boat. It depends on the bow or transom mounts you have chosen. Do not forget that bow mounts are operated with feet and cheaper than transom mounts that you can operate by hand.

4. Be Sure Everything Is Ok With Your Trolling Motor

The next step after installation and before usage is to check whether the trolling motor works correctly. You should take the time to check out the whole steering mechanism and the boat itself. The key element of proper work is to look at the control box on the top, trolling motor indicator panel, motor mount, clamp, and propeller. Pay special attention to the battery cables that shouldn’t be damaged or squashed. Batteries are needed to be charged.  If you control the boat with a wireless remote, inspect the communications connection.

The fundamental principle of a safe trip is to inspect the whole boat before running it. Scan your boat to check out the presence of the life jackets and sound-producing devices. Make sure that all signals and lights perform their functions and work well. Bring up all the necessary tools and equipment for travelling. Memorise the necessity to bring the first-aid kit and check the weather forecast before the trip.

5. Enjoy Noiseless Fishing

There is a tip which will please you during the trip. The trolling motor’s function of noiselessness increases the likelihood among anglers according to the fact that fish are afraid of loud sounds. So, you can free your mind and enjoy the process of fishing. There is another advantage of traveling with a trolling motor, even if you are not a fisherman. The pro is you can use the trolling motor as an anchor, turning the autopilot function, which is called Spot Lock. If you want your boat to go slowly, take advantage of the Spot Lock.

6. Buy Some Additional Accessories For Trolling Motor

You can get rid of unpredictable situations while traveling and buy some accessories for your motor. It is not obligatory, but you will find having additional equipment for the store very profound when something in your boat needs repairing right in the middle of a journey. For instance, you have an opportunity to buy an adapter cable, a bracket that can help you remove the trolling motor quickly. Some experienced anglers bring up additional foot pedals and wireless systems onboard to be sure that everything is under control during the journey.

7. Look Over Your Motor After Traveling And Repair It If Needed

No less important item in traveling with a trolling motor is to inspect it and the boat on your return. Keep it clean and check if all mechanisms, panels, pedal, propeller, motor, etc. are in good condition. Make sure that all necessary instruments and tools are on the board. It will save your time next time you are going to run the boat.

Bottom Line

Travelling with a trolling motor is a great pleasure for the angler who likes the speed, safety, and reliability of the device. While travelling, you should check out the boat and motor itself several times. It will make you more relaxed during the trip.  Trolling motors have various features and functions, which depend on the model you want to select. Rely on your mind, preferences, peculiarities of the trip, needs, and requirements when choosing the model of the motor. In this case, it will become your best friend to travel with.


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