piso wifi

Introduction Piso WiFi is one of the greatest internet providers in the Philippines and it was founded in the year 2017 and not only this but it rose to prominence in a short period of time. Users can also access the internet using the coins system, the users must know that the Piso Wi-Fi has replaced PISO net which was launched in the year 2011. 

The users can use piso Wi-Fi on various devices like smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc and the procedure to log in to the same is also a simple one which we are going to provide to our readers in this blog.

Steps to login into Piso Wi-Fi

The users need to begin with launching browser which they are using and then there they need to type in in the URL bar. 

Now, moving ahead the users need to fill in their details like username and password on the screen which is presented in front of them. 

Following this the users are supposed to check the log in details which they have filled in and once they are positive that details filled in by them are correct they need to press log in button. 

As soon as the users will press the log in button the users will be logged in to router’s admin panel and finish Piso wifi login. 

Now, the users can adjust many options after login like they can change wifi settings, LAN and Wan settings as well as username, password and other things of your account. 

Benefits and features of Piso Wifi 

The most striking feature of piso is that the internet service is handy and is accessible to all the users. The telecom corporations profit from the low cost internet service which is provided to the users. It helps the users to deal with band width and most importantly with the rate time. 

Pausing Piso Wifi  

Piso allows it users to chose whether they want to allow connections or not, how much bandwidth are they willing to use, or how much money do they want to use. And this is piso wifi pause time which the users can do by just visiting and pausing or halting the internet connection. And if the users do not want their money to drain this option of pausing wifi can be a very good option for them which they can use. 


We hope that this article was able to help you enough to know about piso wi-fi and its working.


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