Many students come to us every day and ask our experts to Do My Online Class For Me. Most of them have the reason that they have to prepare for exams yet end up messing up their papers. If you also have your exams approaching soon, we need to have some discussion with you. There are a lot of practices you are doing wrong that can have an adverse impact on your preparation and later results. If you don’t correct them now, you will have a hard time performing your exams. Therefore, here are a few things you might need to say no to. Saying no to them will not only help you perform excellently but will also make learning easier for you! So, let’s not wait more and jump straight into these 10 not to do things.

Not Starting Preparation On Time 

Please start preparing for your exams on time. Do you know what most of the students think while attempting their exams? “I wish I would have started my preparation a bit earlier.” We know you have been on the same boat too. Therefore, we are here to advise you that please stop delaying your learner and don’t wait for the eleventh hour. Even if you know this course is easy and you can easily attempt its paper, still start learning on time. If you have learned it, revise it! Avoid procrastination and start as soon as you can. I swear working on this tip will bring you notable results in just first try.

Seeking Short Cuts 

If you always look out for ways to make learning easier for you, you need to recheck your motive. Remember, shortcuts never have retention. For the information to stay longer in your mind, you need to opt for that long way and choose and difficult routes. Tough roads often lead to beautiful destinations and there is no example better than your exams. You can look for tricks to make learning quicker for you though, but still never go for shortcuts. They might help you for the time being but you will regret it later.

Not Having A Plan 

Not having a study plan is another practice you need to pay heed to. Students who don’t work on a plan regret it big time. Tell me how you can accomplish all your tasks for the day if you don’t know anything about them. We always recommend our students make a to-do list for them and allot specific times for each task. For instance, you must make a schedule and outline for all your courses. What you can do is see how much time each chapter will take and maintain your pace accordingly. Making a plan or schedule helps best with exam preparations. Every time we suggest this tip to our clients, they come back and thank us.

Writing And Reading For Hours 

Another fruitless thing you are doing for your exams is spending all your time reading and writing. We know some of you learn better by writing but you must realize that it takes more than 50 percent of your time. The same goes for reading. Don’t give every question a thorough read. You must analyze what questions are easy because a thorough look will be enough for them, spending a lot will just waste it.

Not Organizing Study Material

I feel sorry for students who end up finding their notebooks, printouts and textbooks just a few hours before their exams. I don’t know what these students think while studying. Don’t you people realize how much extra time this hunting will waste? I know a student who always had this complaint that he always has to find his books. We recommended this guy add bookmarks to his copies and now he is performing well. Maybe you can try this hack too.

Cramming Answers 

Don’t just cram answers, please students don’t do this. Learn all the answers by your heart so no matter how complex the question is, you still find a way out. Do you know why many students fail to answer questions they knew the answers of? It is because they just cram answers, they don’t learn it, so don’t have the capability to think out of the box either. Remember to not just read and cram answers. Be smart and look out for ways otherwise.

Depending On Others To Help You 

No teacher and no friend will come to you at the very last minute to help you clear your blurry concepts. If something is vivid and you think you need to get it cleared, get it cleared on time. Students who depend on their teachers that will help them only waste their time and end up stressing out in their exams. Likewise, you should also not keep hopes high from your mates. Most of the time students with high hopes are just looking around the class hoping for someone to help them solve their questions.

Poor Time Management 

Poor time management can also contribute to running out of time at the time of examination. It is better to work on your typing speed during your preparation. Also, please don’t stick to the question that you cannot recall the answer to, move on to another one. You must realize that time will not stop with you. Therefore, you need to work on all the questions first you know the answers. Then think about the ones you can’t recall.

Not Getting Good Food And Enough Rest

Insomnia is common in students during their examinations. If you are also having a hard time sleeping, don’t utilize it for your preparation. Instead, take a break, meditate, and much on some healthy food. It is good to keep some nuts and berries on your study table. Also, please take enough juice and water. Keep yourself hydrated.

Leaving Things Unlearned 

You never know what question won’t come in your paper unless the paper is leaked out. You can only guess it and guesses have 60 percent chance of going wrong. Therefore, better learn your entire course and not miss a single question.


You can ask your mates to Take My Class For Me and it is okay to take some break. However, asking nonprofessionals for exams can ruin your report card. Therefore, better check out the above tips and prepare yourself for your papers. We know they will give you some hard time at the moment but you will definitely thank us later. If you recall some other fruitful tips as well, do let us know. We would love to mention them.


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